Best Pelvic Floor Exercises For Women

By mid-thirties onwards, women experience a five percent loss in muscle mass during every decade and this is applicable even to private areas. If you are looking to shape-up down there then pelvic floor exercises are the best physical therapy for your feminine parts.

Best Pelvic Floor Exercises

Kegel exercises help to strengthen or tighten the slow and fast twitch muscle fibers of the pelvic floor (sling of muscles joined to the pelvic girdle that hold pelvic organs in position). Doing Kegel exercises daily for the rest of your life boosts sexual excitement, improves bladder control, enhances capability of reaching climax and supports organs of the pelvis to avoid problems such as prolapse.

Classic Kegel exercises are, by far, the finest pelvic floor exercises and here is a complete layout of the right manner of doing them. Warm-ups are an indispensable part of all exercises including Kegels.

For novices it is recommended to perform these exercises in a supine position so that one can exclusively pay attention to the pelvic floor (diaphragm). As you gain expertise these clenching exercises can be performed while commuting, doing daily chores or when perched upon a toilet seat.

Try associating pelvic floor movements with how one would be moving the muscles of one’s face. Envisage one’s pelvic floor as one’s lower face. The vaginal and urethral areas are jointly dubbed as the front lower lips while the rectal area is best described as the rear lower lips. You can train your lower lips to do several things that your facial lips could do.


For the warm-up phase lie down in supine position with knees bended, the feet bases placed at a comfy distance from the buttocks and both knees and feet making contact with each other.

Step 1

Do deep-breathing whilst opening the legs during inhalation, allowing the knees to descend nearer to the ground and lift your belly towards the roof. The knees must then be brought to the initial posture during exhalation and allow the navel to collapse downwards towards the spinal column. Repeat this for eight to ten instances.

Step 2

While doing deep breathing move the legs and belly button in opposing directions like sinking the belly button towards the spinal column during inhalation and lifting it in the direction of the roof during exhalation.


Right Way To Work The Pelvic Floor Muscles

The starting pose is lying in supine position with bended knees, feet placed flat on the ground, at a secure distance from the buttocks and hip-width apart.

You then begin squeezing the rear and front lower lips concurrently which feels akin to attempts at withholding urination and bowel movements at the analogous instant. You will sense that your sitting bones are getting closer to a slight extent.

This position is to be held till a count of 5, though ensure normal breathing whilst not contracting butt muscles after which gradually unwind and let go. Do five repetitions that target the slow twitch muscles thus enhancing resting tone of the internal pelvic muscle.

Right Way To Work The Pelvic Floor Muscles

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The fast twitch muscle fibers that show reflexive contraction during abrupt stresses such as sneezing or coughing can be worked by pulling up the pelvic floor muscles as explained above, holding for a second and relaxing. This must be repeated for five to ten times or till tiredness is felt in muscles.

Women with weakened pelvic diaphragm muscle would merely sense faint contraction when performing such exercises. If the exercises are done in the right manner then one would sense constriction of the muscles but the buttocks and legs must not move during this period.

Females not suffering from an impaired pelvic floor condition can easily perform these exercises thrice on a weekly basis – five count squeezes ensued by a resting phase of ten seconds (ten repetitions), thrice daily – totaling to thirty. As you get better at it, the holding period can be increased while the resting period decreased – i.e. ten seconds of squeezing ensued by three seconds of resting time.

For the seasoned practitioner, try squeezing and relaxing for five times as swiftly as possible ensued by five seconds of resting time and doing thirty repetitions daily for thrice on a weekly basis. One can also stand and perform all of the just mentioned exercises.