Best Reasons To Go For Breast Sonogram

Breast Sonogram

Breast Sonogram A breast sonogram is basically a procedure which is used to detect any cancerous lump or a fluid filled cyst using sound waves to make a picture of the tissues. It is usually coupled with the use of a mammogram and allows a quick diagrammatic visualization of the surrounding tissues as well. It also hires the use of ultrasound to assess the amount of blood flow inside the tissues. For this purpose a small instrument called a ‘transducer’ is used which is moved back and forth across the breast and the sound wave that bounces back the tissue wall creates an image of what is inside.

Combined with the advancements in the technologies, the survival rate of localized breast cancer has now exceeded 90 percent. Breast ultrasound is a very important procedure as in 90 percent of cases it has been successful in detecting early cancerous cells and helped in eliminating them. Hence it is advisable for every woman to undergo mammography and ultrasound detection for their own benefit.

Reasons To Go For Breast Sonogram

Breast Abnormalities

The primary reason for performing an ultra sonography test is to diagnose a breast anomaly detected during a physical examination like a lump or a bloody or clear nipple discharge. It also helps in categorizing any abnormalities detected during mammography that helps in curing the disease if detected at an early stage.

Breast Inflammation

Sometimes women experience swollen, red or painful breasts. While some of the time it is a very basic problem, many a times this abnormality takes a turn for the worst.

Breast Inflammation

If this inflammation is caused because of a lump, then the transducer finds out the origin of the lump and whether it is a solid one or a fluid filled cyst. If it is a fluid filled one, then most of the time the physician drains the fluid out and that’s the end of it. But a solid lump requires further diagnosis.

Cancer Detection

Breast Sonogram is a very useful method to detect early signs of cancer. 20 percent of the time, the lumps detected contains cancerous cells, so in this case you need ultra sound to detect the cause and quickly help in diagnosis. However, it is not useful for the detection of few types of cancer like microcalcification, which are primarily calcium deposition.

During Pregnancy

Mammogram hires the use of radio waves and X rays which are very harmful during pregnancy for both mother and the unborn.

Sonogram During Pregnancy

However, sonogram uses no such techniques. There are no side effects for using sound waves and hence, ultra sound detection is more preferred over a mammogram.

Age Factor

If you are 25 years or less, then a simple mammogram would not be able to detect any anomalies inside your breast as the tissues tend to become dense and are not quite visible distinctly. This also holds true for the women having breasts implants as well as silicone replacement. In such cases, mammogram might not be suitable enough to locate lumps, an ultrasound is more effective.