Best Remedies For Menopause Flashes

Menopause Flashes

Menopause Flashes Menopause and Hot Flashes go hand in hand. It is almost impossible to think of one without the other. Almost all women over the age of forty experience hot menopause flashes and perspiration, lasting from a few seconds to several minutes.

The exact cause of menopause flashes is not fully known, but it is believed to be a blend of biochemical and hormonal fluctuations caused due to waning estrogen level in the body.

So, whether you have already experienced menopause flashes or will do so in near future, here are some tips that will help you in soothing menopause flashes:

Remedies For Menopause Flashes

Relax when you Feel the Flash

Perhaps, the most significant coping technique during flashes is to relax. Take slow deep breaths. At other times, get up and move around. Remove that extra layer of clothing that you may be wearing or take a glass of cold water. This will break the cycle of flushing.

Eliminate Dietary Triggers

Stay Away from Caffeine

Certain foods can trigger menopause flashes, but it differs from person to person. However, some known triggers are chocolates, alcohol, cayenne, spicy food, caffeine, nicotine. Avoid these as far as possible.


Exercise for at least thirty minutes every day. You can walk, run, do yoga, indulge in aerobics, ride a bicycle or do any other activity. However, you should not exercise within three hours of sleeping as it increases the chances of night sweat.

Treat Menopause Flashes with Prescription Medicines and Hormone Replacement Medicines

Traditionally, menopausal flashes are treated through hormone replacement medicines. Many estrogen replacement medications are available in the market and they have been known to reduce hot flashes by eighty to ninety percent.

Some other prescription medicines like Effexor, Gabapentin, Prozac, Clonidine have also proved to be effective in reducing menopausal flashes. However, these medications also have some side effects and must not be taken without the consultation of a doctor.

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Include Vitamin E in Your Diet

Studies have shown that vitamin E reduces the occurrence and severity of menopausal flashes.

Have Soy


Research has suggested that soy is beneficial in lessening menopause flashes and other symptoms of menopause. So, include lots of soy in your diet. You can take tofu, whole soybeans and soy milk.

Use Natural Progesterone

Progesterone has been found to soothe hot flashes and alleviate other symptoms of menopause for many women.

Other Herbal Remedies

Some studies have shown Black Cohosh herbal preparation is effective in reducing hot flashes, night sweats, headaches, anxiety and other menopausal symptoms.

Red Clover

Red Clover too is believed to be beneficial in soothing menopause flashes. Red Clover has a chemical structure similar to the estrogens, however its effectiveness is said to be lower than true estrogens.

In the end, while dealing with menopausal flashes, try to keep things in perspective. You will most probably outgrow menopausal flashes within two to three years of menopause. Meanwhile, try these remedies.

Dress light and comfortably. Keep a hand fan nearby during hot weather. Keep a good sense of humor. Relax! Menopausal Flashes are normal. They are not harmful, but only disconcerting.