10 Best Remedies For Snoring

Remedies For Snoring

Remedies For Snoring

Snoring can be a troublesome issue to take care of, mainly because of the fact that most individuals don’t even realize that they snore during their sleep.And while a few small sounds now and then can be tolerated, incessant loud snoring can get on the nerves and possibly cause the other person to remain awake all night.If you are one of those individuals who suffer from heavy snoring, here are some tried and tested remedies that should work out for you. But before that, let’s just take a quick peek into why you would actually be snoring in the first place.

How Does Snoring Start?

Most people who snore would tend to have some kind of blockage in the airway that would be inhibiting the free flow of air in and out of the lungs. A narrow airway would most definitely disrupt the normal breathing pattern and cause the individual to actually labor for proper breath. And that is how he/she actually starts snoring.

General Causes

Alcohol Consumption Is Cause Of Snoring

Although snoring may also be attributed to a medical condition, there are certain general causes that are common to most individuals who snore. These include age with the increase of which the throat and airway would become narrower (the muscle tone would also decrease effectively), genetic traits like enlarged adenoids, narrow throats, cleft palates etc., improper sleep postures, excess body weight, alcohol consumption, nasal problems, and certain medications.

Remedies For Snoring

There are plenty of ways to stop snoring. Here are some of the more commonly practiced ones

Change Your Sleep Posture

Change Your Sleep Posture To Reduce Snoring

Individuals who sleep on their backs tend to snore often. If you do too, then try sleeping on your side. If you seem to return back to the original position while sleeping, try this simple trick.Attach a small, blunt item to the back of your pajama before sleeping. This way, even if you want to sleep on your back, you would feel uncomfortable and turn to your side automatically. This in turn could stop you from snoring.

Get Adequate Sleep

Adequate Sleep Reduce Snoring

Individuals who don’t get enough sleep tend to snore loudly owing to tiredness. So make sure that you get adequate sleep. Chalk out a proper bed time routine and stick to it in order to keep your sleep cycles stable. A proper sleep cycle combined with adequate rest can make you stop snoring in no time at all.You can also keep your head in an elevated position while you sleep in order to avoid snoring. Accordingly, keep two pillows under your head while you sleep or opt for specially designed pillows that would enable you to rest your head in an elevated position.

Dust Your Bedroom Often

Dust Your Bedroom To Reduce Snoring

You may not be aware of it but allergens present in your room and even your pillows can cause allergies which in turn can make you snore. So make it a point to dust your room often, including your blankets and pillow covers. Making sure that your bedroom remains dust and dirt free is half the job well done.

Reduce Weight

Reduce Weight To Get Rid Of Snoring

If you are overweight, chances are you may be snoring because of the excess fatty tissue that would have collected around the throat. In addition to this, your muscle tone would reduce significantly with increase in weight.So try reducing some weight. With time, the fatty tissue at the back of your throat would disappear and you would be left with an unobstructed airway to breathe easy as you sleep.

Drink Plenty Of Water

Drink Water To Reduce Snoring

Keeping your system hydrated can do a lot to prevent you from snoring while you sleep. Accordingly, drinking water can prevent the secretions from your mouth and nose from becoming sticky (happens if your system is dehydrated). If this happens, the secretions solidify and block the airway, thus causing you to snore.

Avoid Smoking And Drinking Alcohol Before Going To Bed

Avoid Smoking To Reduce Snoring

Alcohol can dehydrate your body in addition to relaxing the muscles in the throat, thereby causing disruptions in the air flow in and out of the airway. Smoking on the other hand would block the airway and irritate the muscles present in the same, thereby reducing the muscle tone considerably. So avoid these habits at bed time in order to enjoy a blissful, noise free slumber.

Take Care Of Stuffy Noses And Throats

Clear Your Nose And Throat To Reduce Snoring

If you are suffering from cold, then undoubtedly your nose and throat would be completely blocked. And any attempts to clear the same while sleeping would only lead to very loud snoring. So make sure to clear your nose and throat before going to bed.Gargle some salt water to reduce the irritation in your throat. Apply some nose drops to clear your nose. Make sure you are able to breathe properly before drifting off to sleep. This way, you can be sure that you won’t snore when you sleep.

Sing Songs

Sing Songs To Reduce Snoring

Try singing songs at the top of your voice. Not at night of course but during the day. Most often, snoring is caused by a poor muscle tone which can be strengthened with the help of singing. So sing some songs right before you go to bed every night. Remember to sing them out aloud though.

Throat Exercises

Throat Exercises To Reduce Snoring

You can opt for special throat exercises designed to stop snoring for about 30 minutes every day. Accordingly, try pronouncing the vowel sounds of the alphabet loudly and try rolling your tongue in different ways in order to increase the muscle tone in the airway.