6 Best Tips For Vaginal Health

6 Best Tips For Vaginal Health

6 Best Tips For Vaginal Health

Women should take care of their vaginal health without any compromise. A healthy vagina is generally acidic and has rich amount of beneficial bacterial which helps to keep away infections and also helps in maintaining normal pH level. It secretes little quantity of discharge which is basically a way to keep itself clean just as saliva helps in keeping our mouth clean. Vagina is one of the most sensitive areas of female reproductive system which should always be in good health. If there is any disturbance in this process, a lady faces vaginal infection and irritation. There are a few things which can be done to ensure good vaginal health.

Here Are Top Tips To Take Care Of Your Vaginal Health:

A Healthy Diet

Most women do not realize that a nutritious and balanced diet along with good hydration is a good way to keep vaginal and the reproductive system in good health. There are several foods which help in taking care of many vaginal health issues while there are many others which can actually harm your reproductive health. Yogurt and cranberry juice help in keeping away yeast infection and also help in taking care of any other infection in this region. In case of vaginal dryness problem, women are recommended a diet of soy products which are a form of estrogen which help with natural lubrication. Women should avoid extremely spicy and hot food items on a regular basis as it destroys the acidic balance of the vagina.

eat yogurt

Ensure Safe Sex

Its important to use condoms as a protection against many sexually transmitted diseases which include genital herpes, genital warts, chlamydia and HIV. Some of these diseases like HIV have no cure while others can even cause cancer if untreated or can lead to several other dangerous diseases. It is also important to change condoms when one plans to switch anal or vaginal or anal sex. All this is done mainly to prevent harmful bacteria from entering the vagina.

Ensure Safe Sex

Give Your Body Space To Breathe

For a healthy vagina, you need to wear clothing which is comfortable and loose. Wearing extremely tight clothes or materials which does not allow air circulation such as polyester  creates a moist and hot area which irritates the area. It can lead to skin rashes and irritations and even infection. You need to select permeable and loose clothing which is made from soft cotton material.

wear loose clothing

Using Lubricants

Lubricants is a part of intercourse without which the vagina tends to get chafed or irritated. In severe cases it can even get serious and lead to other health conditions. In most cases vaginal lubrication occurs naturally when the lady is aroused. The vagina itself produces its lubrication which helps in reducing irritation and friction. However, in many ways this does not happen naturally. In such a case lubrication is used. Women should never use petroleum jelly for the purpose or other oil based products which can lead to serious infections.

Using Lubricants

Wash Yourself Well – Be Wary

Ensure that you are private parts are always clean. Before and after sex and as you relieve yourself, ensure that you are washing up well. Do not use toilets which are dirty or at unknown places since you might get infected soon. If there is no option and you have used the toilet, wash yourself with clean water. This will help to remove all germs and bacteria. However, remember you should be extra careful when you are washing your intimate areas and the most sensitive places. Vagina is the area of delicate pH balance which works to naturally clean your intimate areas. You should never wash internally. You should wash externally and use products which are made only for the intimate areas. You can just stick to warm water if needed. It helps to get rid of any bacteria present.

Take A Warm Bath

Treat Infections Immediately

There are three types of vaginal infections which are trichomoniasis, yeast infection and bacterial vaginosis. Yeast infections are caused due to different types of fungi while other problems are caused due to bacteria overgrowth. It is vital to treat these problems as soon as possible or it can cause painful, unpleasant and serious reproductive health issues. All three conditions are easily treated and should not be ignored. You can try out many home remedies but do not try them too long if you do not see results. It is always recommended to get in touch with an expert.

Consult A Doctor

Hope the above tips will help you in taking care and help you stay healthy. In case of any complications, you should immediately get in touch with your Doctor.