8 Best Tips For Women To Stay Fit And Active

8 Best Tips For Women To Stay Fit And Active

8 Best Tips For Women To Stay Fit And Active

There is a lot difference between the time when you are a spinster and when you are a married women, life definitely changes for a girl after marriage. With this change in the lifestyle, one should know how to keep yourself fit and healthy. When you are somebody’s wife and mother, people start expecting a lot from you and you have to fill all the responsibilities as there is no escape route to it. From cooking 2 to 3 types of breakfast daily to look gorgeous when you out for a party with husband, you have manage every thing independently. In this hectic life, you forget to look after yourself and realize you put on extra weight, or become weak and dull and a lot other things.

So To Deal With Your Problem, Here Are Some Guidelines:

Don’t Put On Weight, Go For Walk

Putting on weight, fatness is common problem among housewives. At times you feel embarrass when go out with your husband or when you don’t fit into the skinny jeans. So not to worry, you can reduce your weight by doing a early morning walk daily. You can also do it after sending your kids to school or you can do it in the evening. A one hour walk is compulsory for all the house wives.


Intake Of Healthy, Oil-free Food

I am not asking you to go for a dieting, or eat less but instead eat healthy and oil-free food. Take food rich in nutrients, vitamins, fiber, minerals etc. Stop eating pasta, maggi that you cook for your children, avoid eating junk food. A housewife has to work the whole day, so it is mandatory for you to keep yourself energetic, take two glasses of milk daily, eat fruits, dairy products also.

Healthy Eating

Never Go To Sleep Just After Eating Food

There must a gap between your dinner and the time when you sleep. Don’t go to sleep just after you had lunch or dinner. This leads to increase in your weight.


Take Out Time For Yourself

Despite your daily packed routine, you should try to find some space for yourself also. In this time just look after yourself like cleaning and filing your nails, taking care of feet, hair oiling, facials and other stuff that are very required for a women.



Don’t think that just sitting at home, you can’t follow a routine, make your daily routine and follow it to keep yourself fit. Do exercising or yoga daily to keep yourself fit, healthy. Exercise that suits your body should be performed daily to make you fit.


Drink Lot Of Water

Instead of beverages like tea and coffee that you take in a day, started drinking as much water as you can. Drinking water helps you to flush out intoxicants from your body. It gives you a glowing skin too.

Drink More Water

Do Something Creative

With all the day’s work, from managing house to looking after your husband and children, you should not loose your creativity. Do things that you like doing like knitting, painting, sewing, reading, studying or whatever you like. Join some creativity classes if you wish to learn something new.


Update Yourself

Keep updating yourself with the news around. Socialize yourself, if you have time, go on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites. Talk to your old school, college friends. Stay connected with people.

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