13 Treatment Options For Back Acne

13 Treatment Options For Back Acne

Acne can come up on any part of the body like the face, back, chest, shoulders etc. As these body parts secrete oils due to the presence of sebaceous glands. The back acne shows that your body is suffering from severe acne.The oily substance secreted by the sebaceous glands is known as sebum which with the help of bacteria and dead skin cells clog the pores of the back and acne vulgaris starts. There are various kinds of treatment available for the back acne. Some of the best options are explained here:

General Remedies To Treat Back Acne At Home

Wash Your Back Regularly

Wash Your Back

The anti-bacterial soap should be used while taking a bath. The rubbing with soap should be avoided as it can irritate your skin. If you are getting perspirated then frequent shower should be taken as excess perspiration leads to clogging of the back pores which will aggravate the problem of back acne.



The exfoliation of the skin should be done so that the dead skin gets removed. It can be done daily or weekly as the skin of the back part of the body is thicker than the face. You can try different exfoliaters like washcloths, loofah, bath brushes etc.. After trying them out look for what suits you.In case you are using a scrub then use a sugar base scrub rather than salt based as sugar base is mild and causes less irritation. In case you notice any kind of allergy due to the use of any scrub or exfoliaters then stop using it completely.

Use Benzoyl Peroxide and Salicylic Acid

Benzoyl Peroxide

The gels and creams containing benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid should be used but both these compounds should not be used in combination as they react with each other. The cream or gel you will use should contain 2.5% of benzoyl peroxide. The application of this gel or cream on the back will heal your acne when applied for ten minutes after taking a bath and drying your back.As the benzoyl peroxide has bleaching properties so some time should be given for the drying of the application applied. If you don’t want to get the bleaching effect on your body then use an alpha-hydroxyl moisturizer after the removal of the benzoyl peroxide.

Use Clean and Cotton Fabrics Only

Cotton Fabrics

The clothes you wear, the pillow and bed sheets you use should be of clean and of cotton fabric as dirt attracts bacteria that gives leads to the development of the back acne. The detergents and fabric softeners that you use should be hypo allergic . You can find some good organic products in organic stores.

Professional Treatment

Consult A Dermatologist


If after following the above mentioned tips you are not able to get rid of the back acne then consult a dermatologist. The dermatologist will give you some antibiotics and topical gels that will help you to heal your back acne. Some of the dermatologist thinks that the best treatment of cystic acne is isotretinoin drug known as accutane. But this drug is not at all recommended if you are nursing your child, pregnant or planning a child.Cosmetic surgery can also be undertaken if the acne has given you a visible scar on the back or discoloration of the skin. This should be undertaken on the advice of a renowned dermatologist and the surgery should be carried out by a good surgeon only.

Herbal Remedies

Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil

The tea tree oil helps to kill the oil producing bacteria’s on the skin. The extract of this tree should be applied topically to get rid of the acne breakouts.It should be used regularly till the time you get rid of the acne but if irritation occurs then it should be discontinued.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar absorbs the excess oil from the skin by making a balance in the acidity and alkalinity levels. You should start using apple cider vinegar by making a concentration of it in water. Initially it should be used in the ratio of 1:8 and then 1:1 with water. Apply the concentrate on the back. Discontinue the use if irritation occurs.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

The aloe Vera herb will not cure acne but it will help you to reduce the scarring, redness and swelling on the back due to acne. You can use this herb in the form of aloe Vera gels, soap, liquid extract or the stem of the plant.The gel should be applied on the affected area only after cleaning it properly for best results.

Sandalwood And Rose Water

Sandalwood And Rose Water

The paste should be made by mixing sandalwood with rose water and this should be applied on the back.Wash it after allowing it to dry.This remedy makes your skin tight and dry which decreases the development of the acne and heals the existing acne.

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Tomato Pulp

Tomato Pulp

This is a simple remedy to cure back acne. Just make two pieces of a raw tomato and rub one piece of the tomato pulp on the back where the acne scars are present.Keep it there for 15 minutes and wash your back. As tomato pulp is acidic in nature so this remedy is useful only for back and not for the face.

Preventive Measures

Avoid Certain Drugs


Some of the drugs like androgens and lithium increases the chances of the acne breakouts. So avoid the use of these drugs and if your doctor recommends they then ask him/her about some other alternatives.

Do not Use Oil-Base Cosmetic Products

Oil-Base Cosmetic Products

The oil base skin products should not be used as they increase the oil on the back and the problem of acne aggravates. Look out on the packaging of the cosmetic products that they are non-comedogenic as they inhibit the growth of the blackheads. The use of moisturizers and sunscreens should be avoided.

Do not Give Pressure to your Back

Avoid Pressurizing

Any kind of pressure on the back like wearing sports equipment or shoulder pads will lead to the development of the acne on the back. So avoid wearing them. These types of acne which are developed due to pressure or friction are known as acne mechanica.

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