5 Best Ways For Breast Enlargement

5Best Ways For Breast Enlargement

5Best Ways For Breast Enlargement

In scientific language breasts are known as mammary organs, which contain milk secreting tissues and glands and also contain fatty tissue which gives them their mass, shape and size. So basically it means that breasts are nothing but fat and tissue deposits, but for a female they mean a lot more. Every female desires of good rounded firm and full breasts. More than anything it is a matter of appearance and self confidence. Alas! As nature would have it; not everyone is blessed with large, full and firm breasts. Many women have their problem areas, some lack the size some lack the shape or the fullness; varies from person to person. As it is said, in today’s world every problem comes with a solution; same is for small breasts. There are various ways of breast enlargements available; ranging from surgical treatments to plastic surgery to simple home remedies. Let us have a look at each of them in detail.

Breast Implants Or Breast Augmentation

Breast implants are surgical ways of enhancing your breasts. There are two types of implants, silicone implants and saline implants; these implants are surgically placed in the breast to increase size. The saline implants contain a silicone shell with saline filled inside whereas silicone implants contains silicone shells filled with silicone gel. With the help of anaesthesia, this implant is placed inside the breast by making an incision; usually the surgery requires 3-4 hours. However these are not recommended during breast feeding and might result in some complications post-surgery like scarring, breast pain, bleeding, infections etc. These kinds of surgeries are associated with a higher risk of developing breast cancer according to some studies. Also with the saline transplant there might be a rupture of the saline shell which can be dangerous; hence proper care must be taken.

Breast Augmentation

Fat Injections

We know that breast contain fatty tissue which gives it the size shape and fullness. One way of increasing the breast size is injecting fats from any other area of the body such as thigh or abdomen into the breast. This is a very recent technique and it gives the breasts a fuller appearance and a natural look. A minimum of 1 year is required for complete results to appear.

Fat Injections

Breasts Lift Surgery – Cosmetic Surgery

A breast lift surgery is advised only for saggy breasts. It cannot increase or decrease the size of your breasts. In elderly women or due to excessive breast feeding when they turn out to become saggy and loose, such a surgery is advised. What is done here is under the effect on anaesthesia any excess loose skin is removed and the breast skin and tissues are tightened by shaping and modifying the tissue.

Breasts Lift Surgery

Simple Home Remedies

Home remedies include intake of certain food items that release hormones (estrogen and progesterone) responsible for growth of breasts. These food items include fenugreek (methi and methi daana), fennel seeds (saunff), red clove flowers etc. Other than food items massaging the breasts regularly with warm oil for about 10-15 min after getting up in the morning and while going to bed is said to give beneficial results. Additionally there are some exercises (bench press, push ups, chest press etc.) which are said to result in breast enlargement. However you must consult an expert gym trainer before doing any of these to avoid any side effect or a muscle pull because of using any wrong technique.

Fennel Seeds

Lotions And Creams

There are abundant products available in market under the tag of breast enlargement products. Many people have experienced beneficial results; however these benefits are not proven by any scientific researches. In general these creams contain estrogen and progesterone hormones which might encourage their growth. Other creams claim to supply nutrition to the breasts on massaging regularly; which results in growth and breast enlargement.


We discussed a number of techniques which might help in increasing the size of your breasts. However if you do not wish to take any extra measures or take the risk of performing surgeries there are some basic tips. You can always use a padded bra; now-a-days there are variety of bras available which increase the appearance of breasts by 1 or even 2 sizes. You will find multiple varieties, shapes and sizes of bras as per your need which will solve your problem. Along with modified and padded bras, you also get bra inserts which can be placed in your normal undergarment without any padding or wiring. You can also modify the fit, cuts and shapes of your outfits in such a manner that it suits your body style.