Bicornuate Uterus – Symptoms, Treatments And Effects On Pregnancy

Bicornuate Uterus

There are numerous conditions and complications which women face during pregnancy. From anemia to bicornuate uterus, there are some well known and some unknown conditions which can affect pregnancy! Generally, this condition is identified if women have a heart shaped uterus. The uterus appears like a horn shaped uterus and is not properly formed! This condition does not show that your uterus is not formed properly but it shows that you have a misshaped uterus. Sometimes, the changes in lifestyle, the dietary habits and such conditions can cause bicornuate uterus. Generally this condition is not detected until the woman opts for pregnancy. If you are pregnant, here are some of the symptoms and treatments and effects of this condition on pregnancy which you must know!


1. Pain During The Monthly Cycles

General pain is quite a common condition while you are menstruating, but every time you menstruate and feel unbearable pain, this can be a sign of bicornuate uterus. Pain in abdomen, vaginal area and entire body which causes extreme discomfort is one of the prominent signs!

Pain During The Monthly Cycles

2. Issues In Conceiving

While you try to conceive and face difficulties, it is due to this issue. Pain in during menstruation cycle, inability to conceive and such issues is due to the abnormality of your uterus. Thus these issues are interlinked and work as a direct symptom of bicornuate uterus.

Issues In Conceiving

3. Irregular And Extreme Menstruation

Bicornuate uterus is generally related to the menstruation. If you feel extreme menstruation and irregular periods, it is a sign of bicornuate uterus. If your periods are delayed frequently and you get immense menstruation, it is a prominent sign!

Irregular And Extreme Menstruation


There are several surgical options and treatments available for this condition which is as below:

1. Metroplasty

This is a constructive surgery to treat this condition. In this surgery, the uterus is reconstructed and all the abnormalities are treated. The incisions are done for this surgery for opening and closing the abdomen. The examination is performed in the beginning to confirm that you are suffering from bicornuate uterus. Three month period would be given to conceive in which any condition such as pain, bleeding and any fatal condition has to be reported to the doctor. Once the condition is confirmed, the doctor would perform the tests and perform the surgery!


Effects On Pregnancy:

1. Difficulties To Continue Pregnancy

If you are suffering from this condition, it is very tough to continue the pregnancy for longer period in a healthy way. This condition would cause, pain and suffering while making it difficult for you to sustain. This abnormality vitally affects your body!

Difficulties To Continue Pregnancy

2. You Won’t Be Able To Reach The Full Term

This condition shows that your uterus is in the heart shape and not in the regular form. Generally, your baby starts developing in a normal uterus in normal shape and size but the heart shaped uterus is not the ideal uterus shape. The baby in these conditions does not have enough space to grow and breath. This can also lead to miscarriage and suffocation for the baby! This is a very horrifying condition which has an impact on your baby!

You Won’t Be Able To Reach The Full Term

3. The Baby Inside Your Womb May Be In An Inappropriate Position

The position of your baby in the uterus is very important. If your uterus is not normally shaped, the baby won’t get enough space to grow, settle and position and thus, it can be positioned in a wrong way! You won’t be able to experience a full term delivery in this case! The wrong positions of your baby can cause difficulties during delivery as, the ideal way it hold the baby from head and in such cases, it would become tough. Also if you baby will change positions constantly, it can cause irritation and discomfort for you too!

The Baby Inside Your Womb May Be In An Inappropriate Position

4. Pregnancy Comes With A Lot Of Risks

If you are [pregnant and are suffering from bicornuate uterus, [pregnancy comes with more risks than regular, you would need constant supervision and guidance of the doctors to prevent any complication. This is one of the most harmful conditions to conceive while having binocuate uterus which is problematic for both, the mother and baby!

Pregnancy Comes With A Lot Of Risks

5. The Risk Of Miscarriage Is High

It is identified that women having binorcuate uterus are at a high risk of miscarriage. Around 50% of women suffering from this condition get miscarriages due to different reasons and suffocation of the baby!

6. You May Have A Preterm Baby

Premature baby or preterm baby is a condition where the baby does not staying the uterus till 9 months as an ideal baby. Due to the complications and issues, the baby gets borned within 7th month or even before it. The women, who do not face miscarriage, can face premature delivery in these cases. The baby is then given some effective treatments and environment as a uterus to grow and develop successfully!

You May Have A Preterm Baby

7. Progesterone Is Required On The Early Stages

There are effects of different shaped uterus! If your uterus is different shaped and abnormal, the uterus lining has issues. This can result into premature delivery. Supply of progesterone would help in thickening the line of uterus and would work for on time delivery. This would make you enjoy the full term delivery and reduce the chances of preterm birth!

9. All Progesterone Shots Should Be Given Early:

If you are suffering from this condition, the progesterone shots must be given on early basis before any harm is done. With proceeding days of pregnancy, the progesterone amount in your body starts getting decreased and thus, you would need the progesterone shots on early basis to fight thinning of uterus lings.

All Progesterone Shots Should Be Given Early

10. Caesarian Instead Of Vaginal Birth

If you are suffering from bicornuate uterus, your doctor would probably suggest you to go for a caesarian section instead of vaginal birth to reduce the complications during birth of the baby. Due to baby’s abnormal positioning, your delivery can get complicated and thus, this step is suggested!

11. Your Baby May Suffer From Fetal Growth Retardation

Your baby can get affected with fetal growth retardation, condition in which your unborn baby does not gain enough weight as per the normal baby weight standards. Although, the baby in case of bicorntaue uterus can face death or premature delivery in most cases!

Your Baby May Suffer From Fetal Growth Retardation

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