Boost Vaginal Discharge Naturally

Boost Vaginal Discharge Naturally

Vaginal discharge is a familiar phenomenon that occurs in every women, especially after attaining puberty. But, vaginal discharge in women is by no means secluded to adult layer only; more often small girls do show signs of vaginal secretions. The reason for vaginal discharge, of course is protective and lubricating.

The vaginal wall and lining of the cervix of the uterus is littered with millions of tiny mucous glands to serve the secretory purpose. The mucous glands when devoid of any infection or anomaly secretes a kind of slippery colorless fluid or white vaginal discharge rich in lactic acid and other anti-bacterial enzymes. Call vaginal discharges your genital’s defence mechanism to keep the field clean and clear of infections naturally.

Boost Vaginal Discharge Naturally

Is Vaginal Dryness Common

If you are sensing nasty vaginal dryness for sometime now and the concern is killing you, then there’s soothing news. Vaginal dryness is not any kind of vaginal disorder; it’s a reduction in the quantity of the lubricating fluid and is extremely common.Vaginal discharge in women, the quantity and consistency show fluctuations over each menstrual cycle, which is subjective.

However, if your problem has popped up abruptly and things have changed a lot in terms of sexual intercourse then it is important to delve into the underlying cause and expel it successfully. After all, a dry vagina can plunge you into painful episodes of love making with zero pleasure.

Factors Perpetuating Vaginal Dryness

Anatomically the vagina is built to stay moist and slippery to keep off infections and hot flashes. Thus, decreased vaginal discharge may be the outcome of low levels of female sex hormone – estrogen or may be due any other occult physiological disorder.

Menopausal vaginal dryness is quite conventional and need no specific introduction. Moreover, stress, hard physical labor, frequent intercourse, contraceptive pills and dehydration can also boil down to vaginal dryness in women.

Eliminate Your Vaginal Dryness Naturally

Nothing is comparable to natural cure because it is chastely free of any hazardous side effects and can be adopted by everyone. Before, you choose to follow a natural treatment plan you strictly need to figure out the existence of any other physiological disorder that may be causing secondary vaginal dryness. Do care to confirm it from your physician.

Nevertheless, for increased vaginal discharge and a rocking sex life start with drinking at least ten glasses of water every day along with juices, specifically pineapple juice, lemon juice and orange juice. These fruit saps have lots of enzymes as well as vitamin C to reduce subtle infections promoting poor vaginal discharge.

Discard all kinds of dyes, soaps and fragrances for some time. Instead, bath your vagina with Luke warm water containing a few drops of vinegar daily. You are sure to love the calming effect of warm water on your delicate vulva skin.

Post vaginal cleansing, pat the part dry and apply an alcohol free and fragrance less mild moisturizer from a renowned brand to keep the area well moistened. A baby moisturizer is more suggestible owing to its qualities and chastity.

Finally, a tip effective for both menopausal women and others having low estrogen level. Boil a cup of fenugreek seeds in a liter of water. Preserve this liquid in the form of concentrated juice mix in your freezer.

Take a small quantity of this liquid; add a glass of water, 1 tablespoon honey and lemon juice, to prepare your estrogen booster. Drink this wonder sap regularly and feel the difference!

Trust natural cure and stick to your regime honestly to prevent vaginal dryness coming back ever. Sex once again will be a desired, romantic and comfortable event for you and your beloved. Cherish your feminity, because you deserve it, every woman deserves it indeed!