Breast Augmentation Complications After Surgery

breast augmentation complications

breast augmentation complications Every surgical procedure has a risk factor associated with it. Breast augmentation is no different and many complications can arise after this cosmetic surgical procedure.

If you are opting for this surgical enhancement procedure, it is better to discuss the complications that could arise with your doctor and be ready to face it in case you are susceptible to these.

It is also important to understand the problems associated with such procedures and possible health as well as lifestyle problems that you might face later on in life. Discussed below are some complications that could arise out of breast augmentation.

Infection In The Area Of Incision

Infections on the surgical incision are very common for all kinds of surgeries. When it is a cosmetic procedure, one has to be more careful in tending to the wound as infections can lead to scar formations that could be deep and permanent. This will take away the quality of the breast augmentation.

Symptoms of infection include fever and chills, warmth, swelling, redness and tenderness on the infected skin etc. Stay away from tub baths and keep the wound dry until it heals completely. You must also not use perfumes and chemical creams on the incision.

Capsular Contracture

Certain amount of scar tissue formations is normal when breast implants are inserted. But in the case of some women, the scar tissue formation is such that the implant is compressed and the tissues of the breasts become hard, causing the breast to lose its shape.

The placement of the implants plays a great role in formation of capsular contracture. Make sure that you undergo the procedure with an experienced practitioner as capsular contractures require a second surgical procedure for correcting the problem.

Formation Of Hematoma

Hematoma is a swelling that appears on the area of incision due to pooling of blood. While smaller ones are bruised areas that could be harmless, larger areas of hematoma formations require draining as it can lead to capsular contractures and other complications later on.

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Numbness And Loss Of Sensation

A great aftermath of breast augmentation which many women experience, sometimes as a temporary effect of the surgery and in some cases as a permanent defect is the loss of sensation of the nipples and areola. This is due to the damage caused in the nerves of the breast.

This is a great problem when it comes to breast feeding and detrimental to sexual satisfaction as well. If the sensation does not come back even months after the surgery, seek the surgeon’s opinion about possible nerve damage that could turn permanent.

Rupturing Of Implants

The most serious complication that can arise after a breast augmentation surgery is the rupturing of the implants inside the breasts and possible leak into the body. Saline implants that have ruptured can be absorbed by the body and the implants will be replaced in such cases.

Silicone implants are dangerous and the gel needs to be removed from the body in the case of rupture. Rupture can happen due to aging of the implants, excessive pressure on the implants and when the implants are stacked, one on top of the other.

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