Breast Augmentation Post Surgery Pain

Breast Augmentation Post Surgery Pain

Breast Augmentation Post Surgery Pain Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that many women undertake in order to improve the shape and size of their breast. Breast augmentation does not always give the desired results and the after effects are not very encouraging in some cases.

The surgery is not without any pain and sometimes infections and other complications can arise as is the case with any surgical procedure.

Even though the pain associated with breast augmentation is not something that cannot be endured, it is very important for those undergoing the procedure to understand the amount of pain, risk and complications that could arise after the surgery.

Pain Associated With The Incision

Every surgical wound will be a traumatic experience and sometimes would have unbearable pain and infections associated with it.  After breast augmentation, there would be swelling in the area of incision and sometimes bruising due to pooling of blood. The pain can be well controlled with antibiotics and will be gone in a few days. If you experience anything out of the ordinary like extreme pain or swelling, make sure that you visit the doctor for a checkup.

Pain Associated With Infection

No surgical wound is free from the threat of an infection. This is why it is very important to keep the area clean and free from germs. Infection in the area can cause pain, swelling, discharge from the area, redness and fever. If these symptoms exist, make sure that you visit the doctor as fast as possible. Infections that are untreated can even turn life threatening. The doctor might suggest that the implants be removed until the infection clears away. You might need a second surgery for inserting the implants again.

Pain Due To Capsular Contracture

Capsular contracture appears when there is scar formation around the foreign object that is inserted inside the breasts. Too much scar tissue formation will result in contracting of the implants. This leads to hardening of breast tissue and resultant pain. Along with the pain, the breasts become extremely asymmetrical and result in a lot of distress and low self esteem in the patient. Capsular contracture might require another surgical intervention to break the scar tissue and ease the implants so that the hardness and stiffness will be eased.

Pain Due To Breast Sensitivity

Sensitivity and swelling in the breast after implants will last for a few months before you can attain the actual shape after the surgery. It is important to take adequate care during these months so that there is no external trauma on the breasts. Activities that require strenuous physical involvement, physical contact with the implanted breasts etc. must be avoided as much as possible during these crucial months. This will help in reducing the sensitivity and pain faster. Any kind of injury on the implants during these months will result in a disaster like a rupture of the implants and a possible infection which are all very dangerous and require you to go for corrective surgery.

Breast augmentation pain is not such that it is unbearable. A little care and concern during the first 3-4 months will ensure that you get well soon and are happy with the overall outcome.

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