breast augmentation and reduction in breast feeding

Breast augmentation is cosmetic procedure undertaken by many women to beautify and increase the size of their breasts and also to improve their overall self esteem. One would think that surgeries like these are undertaken only be older women who have had multiple pregnancies and have to deal with sagging breasts and those who have had medical complications like breast cancer.

However, the truth is that, breast augmentation is done by youngsters as well to keep up with their peers! While the implications are not understood when they undertake the surgical enhancement, the after effects of such surgeries could be felt after delivery and breastfeeding. Several things have to be taken care of if you are breastfeeding after a breast augmentation.

Breastfeeding After Breast Augmentation

Thankfully, breastfeeding after implants in not an impossible feat. Most women do it and do it with great success. However, the milk production in breast with implants would be much less as compared to a normal lactating breast. This would mean that exclusive breast feeding may not be possible as the baby grows. You might have to introduce formula milk along with breastfeeding if the breast milk is insufficient for the baby.

You might want to try breast feeding the baby more frequently or hand expression or compression and pumping techniques to try and improve breast milk which work in some cases.

Damage To Breast Tissue

During the breast augmentation process, the surgeon, most often makes the cut around the areola in order to camouflage the scar that could form on the skin. Many women develop a numbness and tingling sensation in these areas which could be a permanent feeling. This loss of sensation in the nipples and areola makes it difficult for a mother to breastfeed the baby as she does not know if the baby is getting enough milk or if he/she is sucking well.


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The Advantages

Women who have had a breast augmentation are in a much advantageous position than women who have had a breast reduction, when it comes to breast feeding. Breast implants are just inserts that are inserted on top of the breast tissue and so the tissues which you already have are still there. But for breast reduction the tissues that are removed by the surgeon will have milk ducts as well which will decrease the chances of adequate milk production.

Consulting A Lactation Expert

A lactation expert may not be able to reverse your condition in any way. But he/she can help you devise strategies that can help you increase your chances of a successful breastfeeding. He/she can also help you with ways to increase breast milk. The lactation expert must be consulted way before your delivery so that you will know in advance as to what has to be done and be prepared for the procedure while the baby arrives.


If you are particular about breastfeeding your baby, it is better to consider breast augmentation after pregnancy and breast feeding. This will avoid many complications and will also ensure that you can enjoy the benefits of the implants better and longer after motherhood and pregnancy.