Breast Cancer Treatment And Prevention

breast cancer treatment

breast cancer treatment Breast cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer among women all over the globe. In United States, breast cancer results in the maximum number of deaths next to only lung cancer. Despite the fact that the incidence of the disease has increased by a huge extent across the world in the past few years, similar to other forms of cancer, breast cancer cannot be described as completely curable.

However, there are a multitude of treatment options which are administered depending on the stage at which the cancer is detected. Meanwhile, even if the factors which trigger breast cancer are yet to be ascertained, there are a number of preventive measures that can be undertaken to reduce the chances of developing the ailment.

Read on to have an idea about the different treatment options that can be availed and also know about some basic preventive measures that can keep the ailment at bay.

Treatment for Breast Cancer

In order to treat breast cancer, a number of treatment methods can be undertaken to get rid of the disease. In chemotherapy, certain drugs are administered in the patients either intravenously or through needle injection to stop the cancer cells from spreading. Usually, chemo cycles are administered to patients following a surgery.

On the other hand, radiation is a very effective way to remove the cancer cells from the breasts. While chemotherapy and radiation are some of the most common ways of dealing with breast cancer, in the severe cases, the patients have to undergo surgery to treat the disease.

While lumpectomy is a surgery in which only the cancerous cells of the breasts are removed, mastectomy is the surgical removal of the entire breast to prevent the cancer from spreading to other parts. However, surgery is the last-ditch effort that is undertaken by the doctors after rest of the treatments turn out to be unsuccessful.

dealing with breast cancer


The factors which eventually lead to breast cancer are not yet known specifically. Although the genetic makeup of a woman is known to play some role in the development of the ailment, making few lifestyle changes can go a long way in facilitating breast cancer prevention.

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Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a sacrosanct rule if you really want to lower the risk of developing the disease. Firstly, you need to quit smoking and drinking as these habits are often linked with an increased chance of developing breast cancer. Have a balanced diet which is low in fat and exercise regularly to keep the cancer at bay.

In addition to this, closely check your breasts for any abnormality or lumps to aid early detection. The chances of recovery without undertaking any severe treatment methods are much more if the cancer is diagnosed at an early stage. At the same time, also opt for a mammogram on a regular basis to facilitate early diagnosis.

Although a mammogram might not lead to cancer prevention, it can aid treatment by detecting breasts lumps which you cannot feel with your hands. Other aspects such as having a child earlier in life and indulging in breast-feeding are known factors which reduce the risk of breast cancer to a large extent.