Breast Lump Treatment Methods

Lump formations in the breast are very common. Many women panic at the discovery and expect the worst. But the truth is that up to 80% of breast lumps are harmless. However, all breast lumps must be taken seriously as it is impossible for any women to check if it is harmless or cancerous unless medically trained.

For all kinds of lumps, there are specific treatment methods that can be followed. Here is how.

Treatment Of Fibrocystic Breast Lumps

Fibrocystic breast lumps are non cancerous and affect most women in their reproductive age. Being harmless, there is no specific treatment required for them except probably for the pain, especially during menstruation when the lumps become bigger and more painful.

OTC drugs can be used for pain management. Diet too can help. Reducing the intake of saturated fats, acidic food, saturated fat, caffeine and sugar can help in reducing the swelling. Natural treatments like intake of Vitamin E, B complex, evening primrose oil and chasteberry can help in reducing the swelling and pain associated with fibrocystic breast lumps.

Infected Lumps

Sometimes breast lumps can be due to plugged milk ducts or bacterial infection. These kinds of lumps may spread fast and cause infection in the area.  Accompanying symptoms like fever, chills, tenderness, redness and dimpling of skin may be seen in infected lumps. In severe cases, a surgical removal of the infected tissue may be necessary. Sometimes, the infections can be taken care of with the help of antibiotics. Abscesses may require draining which is also a simple surgical process where the pus is drained.

Other types of infected lumps may require a lumpectomy or partial removal of breast tissue. The lumps may also be sent for biopsy to decide whether it is malignant or benign in nature. Lumpectomy is done even if the lumps are cancerous in nature and have not spread far. After lumpectomy, the doctor might recommend radiation treatment as well to kill any cancerous cells that may be left.

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Cancerous Lumps

Sometimes lump formations in the breast can be cancerous in nature. Depending on the extent of the cancer, the doctor will decide whether you have to be given a mastectomy or lumpectomy. Lumpectomy will only remove the lump and surrounding tissues, thereby preserving the shape of the breast.

A simple mastectomy is the removal of the entire breast tissue including the nipple and surrounding areas. A modified mastectomy will remove almost all the lymph nodes too along with the entire breast. A mastectomy with a breast reconstruction involves leaving the skin of the breast intact for reconstruction surgery which will be done along with the mastectomy in most cases.

Lump Treatment With Drugs

For infected lumps like mastitis and abscesses, antibiotics are administered before surgery, in an attempt to remove the infection. Cancerous lumps that have spread far will require chemotherapy before surgery to reduce the severity of the tumour.  Most lumpectomy patients are advised to go through radiation treatment to remove any chances of cancerous cells remaining inside the body. Radiation treatment involves the use of powerful radiation on the site of cancer to destroy the cancer cells.