Breast Reduction Plastic Surgery

Care After Breast Reduction Surgery

Care After Breast Reduction Surgery Breast reduction surgery is a procedure that is undertaken by women who have big breasts. The surgery removes breast and fat tissues from the breast and removes the skin as well, making it smaller, shapelier and more beautiful.

Benefits Of Breast Reduction Surgery

Many women who have larger breasts suffer tremendously as they have to go through pain in the shoulders and neck, back pain and pain in the breasts due to the excess weight of the breasts that put a pressure on these areas. These women find it difficult to do strenuous activities like running, jumping or dancing as it could lead to severe pain in the areas under pressure. Breast reduction surgery can also help these women gain their confidence back as they give a shapelier silhouette and a much more beautiful overall personality.

Considerations Before The Surgery

There are many things that have to be discussed and considered before a breast reduction surgery. This would include the possible side effects and aftermath of the surgery on your body. Breast reduction is all about removing breast tissue and glandular tissue from the breasts.

Women who are unmarried and would love to breastfeed their babies must consider again before undertaking the surgery. As breast tissue removal will also remove precious milk ducts along with that, breast feeding might be rendered impossible in most cases. There is also the chance of losing sensation in the breast and nipples due to nerve damage.

Methods Employed For The Surgery

care after breast reduction surgery

A number of methods can be used for breast reduction surgery. Therefore, it is better to discuss the methods with the doctor before hand and arrive at the right one that suits your body. Several factors are taken into consideration before arriving at the right technique. This would include, size and shape of the breast, the amount of reduction to be done, scarring considerations etc. The most common methods administered are lollipop incision, anchor incision and scar less option which is done using incisions and method of liposuction.

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After Surgery Care

The surgical incision will be closed by using stitched and bandages. Sometimes pooling of blood can happen in these areas and a wound drain might become necessary in such cases. As the methods employed by the surgeons vary, it is important to follow the instructions given by your surgeon to facilitate faster healing.

Ensure that you do not wear tight bras with under wire support after the surgery. The wound must be left open as much as possible in order to prevent infections from setting in and also to accelerate the healing process. Activities that cause strain on the stitches and chest muscles too will have to be avoided in order to prevent breaking of stitches and tearing of muscles.

Cost Of Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast reduction surgeries could be costly with prices ranging from $ 5000 to $ 10,000 depending on the experience and competence of the surgeon. However, there are insurance agencies that cover the finances for a breast reduction surgery if the woman can prove that there is a lot of pain associated with the condition.