Breast Reduction Surgery To Alleviate Back Pain

Breast reduction surgery is mostly undertaken by women who have large breasts. The procedure is done not just for cosmetic reasons, but also as a medical necessity as many women with large breast suffer from chronic pain in the back, shoulders and neck. Research shows that women who underwent breast reduction surgery had a tremendous improvement in their condition after the surgery.

However, there are many complication and risks associated with breast reduction surgery and hence women who undergo this procedure must make sure that the pros and cons are discussed with the surgeon in advance before the actual surgery is conducted.

Considerations Before Surgery

Even though you might have a medical reason that prompts you to go for a breast reduction procedure, it is always a wise idea to be aware of the risks associated with it rather than regret later. After the surgery, you might have to deal with scarring on the breasts which cannot be avoided as the skin is cut in many places unlike a breast augmentation procedure. As scarring will fade considerably with time, it may not fully disappear according to your liking.

There would also be possibility of asymmetrical breasts with variation in the shape, size silhouette and contour of your breasts. There could also be anomalies in the alignment of nipples which too cannot be avoided. Everything depends on the competence of the surgeon and you must be willing to accept what comes your way.

Breast reduction surgery will also severely compromise your ability to breastfeed. The breast tissue that is removed will also have milk ducts and hence breastfeeding may be a distant dream. If you want to breastfeed your child, it is advisable to wait until pregnancy and delivery after which you can undergo breast reduction. This would also be a better idea as pregnancy might again increase the size of your breast making it necessary for another breast reduction.

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Benefits Of Breast Reduction

If you are only looking at the alleviation of back pain, you will be perfectly satisfied with the surgery. Immediately after the surgery you will see that the pain on your shoulders, neck and back has vanished. Breast reduction can also increase the self esteem of a woman who might have been suffering from inferiority complex due to her large breasts.

What Can You Expect?

Many women will have apprehension about post surgery. However, since you have discussed with your surgeon about the possible outcome, you may not be all that surprised. There could be anomalies and scars that you might have to live with. You might also think of another surgical procedure if you are completely dissatisfied with the results.

Make sure that you follow the instructions of your surgeon to get maximum benefit from the surgery, medically and cosmetically. The reduction in pain itself is a huge relief and if you learn to accept your body as it is, the cosmetic satisfaction too follows without fail. There will be changes in your posture and the way you carry yourself which too adds to the overall satisfaction.