Breast Shape After Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast shape

Breast reduction is a boon for many large breasted women who find it difficult to undertake many day to day activities because of consistent back pain and pain in the neck and shoulders. Apart from the medical reason, there are several cosmetic concerns as well which is the enormous shape of the breasts which can be unsightly. Women with larger breasts will have difficulty in finding clothes that suit their body shape.

Considerations Before Surgery:

There are many things that will have to be done before the surgery. Discussions with your plastic surgeon are the best ways to prepare for the surgical procedure. Some surgeons recommend weight loss before surgery through healthy dieting and exercise. This will help in gaining better results as lower weight will mean that the surgeon will have to remove less tissue from your breast.

Scarring too will be minimised as the amount of tissue to be removed is less. Due to the firm muscles that you have developed due to exercise, you will also have better chances of gaining better contours and symmetry for your breasts.

Placement Of The Incision

There are several ways by which surgeons place the incision. The most popular methods are anchor shaped incision, lollipop incision and sometimes scarless option where small incisions are placed on the breast and tubes inserted for liposuction. Generally, a surgeon will make three definite incisions on the breast; one around the areola, second one vertically from the bottom line of the areola to the crease that comes under the breast and the third one along the curve line of the breast.

After opening the skin, the surgeon removes excess tissues from these areas to reduce the size of the breast. Sometimes, the nipple too has to be removed in order to adjust the alignment of the breast and create a better shape.

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Liposuction For Breast Contouring

Many a time, the surgery alone will not be sufficient to give a good shape and contour to the breast. In such a case, the surgeon will also take the help of a liposuction procedure which will remove excess fat from areas that are protruding or creating an irregular shape. Liposuction will improve the overall beauty of the breast and give it a better silhouette and symmetry.

Breast Size And Shape

Though your surgeon will do his best to create a beautiful shape and size for your breasts, it is always not possible, as much depends on the shape and size of your breast before the surgery. There could be differences in the size and also shape, along with problems of symmetry and alignment of nipples. If these things are unacceptable for you, you could perhaps think of a second surgery for correcting these issues.

Post Surgery Care

As in the case of all surgical procedures, breast reduction surgery too has the risk of infection and hence much care has to be taken to prevent such hassles. The breasts will remain swollen for a few weeks and the numbness on the nipples and surrounding areas are normally temporary, though in some cases it becomes permanent due to nerve damage. Ensure that the surgeon’s instructions are followed carefully post surgery.