Breast Surgery And How To Breastfeed Thereafter

breast feed after breast surgery

breast feed after breast surgery Breast surgery is a cosmetic as well as medical procedure that is conducted on women to enhance the appearance of their breasts following a lumpectomy, injury or to combat sagging and reduce large breasts.

The procedures for breast surgery cannot be deemed as completely safe as many side effects and risk factors are associated with it. There are also practical difficulties that a woman might face while breastfeeding after a breast surgery.

If you have had a breast surgery, whatever reason it may be, here are some ways to reduce the discomfort and make breastfeeding a satisfying experience.

Breastfeed After Breast Surgery

Well before your delivery, it is very important to consult a lactation consultant who can guide you in getting the maximum benefit after a breast surgery. A lactation consultant would have experience in dealing with such situations and would help you in making you more forthcoming and well prepared for breast feeding after delivery.

Breast reduction surgery might diminish your chances of breast feeding as a huge portion of the breast tissue which would also include milk ducts will be removed in the procedure making milk production difficult. In such cases, you will have to introduce your baby to formula milk early on and can breast feed the baby as much as possible.

For breast augmentation procedures, the possibility of breast feeding is more as breast tissue is not removed from the breast. If it is a breast augmentation procedure that you have undertaken, you must make sure that you do not have any numbness of the nipples to facilitate better feeding procedure.

Natural remedies seem to be a great option for increasing breast milk supply naturally. Incorporating herbs like oats, fenugreek, goat’s rue, blessed thistle and alfalfa in your diet can help in getting enough milk supply after breast augmentation and breast reduction.

Mothers who have had breast surgeries must induce milk production by breastfeeding their babies as often as possible. This can be done as frequently as every half an hour. Constant feeding will stimulate the milk ducts and help in more milk production.

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Six months exclusive breast feeding is recommended for the new born before he/she is introduced to other foods. With breast reduction, mothers may not be able to realise this dream as babies require more milk as they grow. Assessing the growth and bowel movements of the baby will help in analysing when the supplements have to be introduced and also in finding out whether the baby is getting enough milk supply for normal development.

Introducing your baby to other foods early on may not be a great idea as they still have underdeveloped digestive system. In such cases, you can try putting your baby on donated breast milk or formula milk side by side. This will give him enough nutrients for proper development.

Breastfeeding is a natural and important part in a mother’s life. If you are aiming at breast surgery as a cosmetic procedure, it is always better to weight the consequences and do it well after you have had your pregnancies.