Care After Breast Reduction Surgery

care after breast reduction surgery

Reduction mammaplasty or breast reduction is a surgical procedure that is done in order to reduce the breast mass. Breast tissue is removed from the breast along with excess skin and the breasts are stitched back to perfection by the surgeon.

However, breast reduction surgery does not always have a happy ending. There are many complications and limitations associated with the process and sometimes the results may be disappointing.

It is very important for patient undergoing breast reduction surgery to have expectations that are realistic as there are many anomalies associated with this surgery. The care that is taken after the procedure too helps in attaining a better shape and contour for the breasts.

Care After Breast Reduction Surgery

Drinking And Smoking

After the surgery, there will be pain as well as swelling for several weeks. Drinking alcohol and smoking during this period will delay the healing process and increase the swelling. Alcohol leads to dehydration in the body and resultant water retention which will lead to more swelling in the breasts. Smoking can lead to slow healing process and other complications due to the presence of nicotine.

Vitamin Supplements

In a week or two after the surgery, there will be considerable decrease in the swelling and the bruised appearance of the breast. However, the swelling may be present for a few months before it subsides completely. Intake of vitamin A and vitamin C during this time will help in accelerating the healing process as it increases the immunity of the person and is also essential for healing of skin. Bromelain, an anti inflammatory agent too helps in keeping the swelling under control.

Warm And Cool Compress

Immediately after the surgery, you may use cool compress which will help in reducing the pain and swelling in the area and preventing bleeding. This can be continued several times for 2 days. After this, warm compress can be used for increasing the blood flow to the area and also in removing the blood and the dead cells out from the incised area. For removing the swelling, you can also start walking round and reducing the intake of salt. Make sure that you drink lots of water during this time to flush out toxins from your body.

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Care For The Drains

The incision on the breast will have a drain for removing the excess fluids from the body. The drain must be left as it is unless the surgeon mentions otherwise. After 48 hours, the drain will be removed from the incision and you will be allowed to have a regular bath. However, if you have stitches and sutures that still need to be removed, which might take a week or more, you must avoid taking showers as it can lead to infection. Take sponge baths until the sutures are removed.

After the removal of drains, you will be advised to wear an athletic bra which is smooth and without any under wires that can create problems. This must be continued for a month until your incision is healed. It is also important not to do any strenuous tasks like lifting, physical activity etc. during this time.