Causes And Risks Of Ectopic Tubal Pregnancy

Causes And Risks Of Ectopic Tubal Pregnancy

Causes And Risks Of Ectopic Tubal Pregnancy Pregnancy can come with a lot of pain and heartache for some women. This is because many complications can arise in terms of health after conception. But the good news is that because of so much awareness about medical issues these days, it is very easy to recognise symptoms of any such complications.

The important thing to remember is that you should be well versed with the basics of pregnancy as soon as you start planning a family. This is because many complications can arise in the first few weeks of pregnancy itself and timely treatment is very essential for the health of the mother as well as the baby.

One such complication that can occur very early in pregnancy is known as Ectopic pregnancy. An ectopic pregnancy is said to have taken place when the embryo fails to implant in the uterine walls and does so in some other surrounding area. This could happen anywhere like the cervix, stomach walls, ovaries etc. One special type of ectopic pregnancy occurs when the embryo gets stuck in the fallopian tubes. This is known as an ectopic tubal pregnancy (ETP).

Causes of Ectopic Tubal Pregnancy (ETP)

A tubal pregnancy happens when the fertilised egg stays in the fallopian tubes and does not travel down to the uterus. Such a situation can be very dangerous. Tubal pregnancies are not very common and the exact reason for their occurrence is not very clear. However, it has been that genetic factors could contribute towards the chances of a woman having this problem.

Obesity and infertility treatment methods also increase the risk somewhat. Late pregnancies that happen after the age of 35 are at higher risk of turning tubal than early ones. A woman’s chances of having an ectopic pregnancy also rise if she has already had a similar problem earlier along with recurrent miscarriages.

Symptoms of ETP

The signs of a tubal pregnancy can be deceptive and difficult to point out. It is only when the situation becomes dangerous that some women may start noticing symptoms. Pain and extreme discomfort can take place when the embryo starts growing and putting pressure on the fallopian tubes from within.

Causes And Risks Of Ectopic Tubal Pregnancy

Some women also have heavy vaginal bleeding which can be a sign of haemorrhage. Nausea and high fever usually happens when the infection starts spreading to other body parts in the way of blood poisoning. There may also be pain while urinating and during sexual intercourse.

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Risks of ETP

A tubal pregnancy can cause massive permanent damage if not treated in time. The fallopian tubes can rupture if the embryo becomes too big and puts pressure on the walls of the tubes. Internal bleeding is another possible side effect of a tubal pregnancy which can result in infection and sepsis.

The woman may need to have the tubes and ovaries removed which will cause permanent infertility. Maternal death is also a possibility in case of delayed treatment. The chance of saving the embryo and carrying it to term is very slim and a spontaneous abortion is the natural course of action.

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