Causes And Symptoms Of Abscess On Breast

Causes And Symptoms Of Abscess On Breast

Causes And Symptoms Of Abscess On Breast Female breasts are made up of soft tissues that serve the purpose of feeding the baby. Female breast generate milk, which is the babies diet, and continue to do so until the time the baby starts eating regular food.

The breasts at such times and even otherwise require proper cleansing that needs to be carried out on daily basis. The infection that the female breast usually incurs is abscess.

What Do You Mean By Abscess on Breast?

Abscess is a very painful breast infection caused due to bacteria. The bacteria responsible to bring about this infection are staphylococcus aureus. It usually enters into the skin through the cracks on the breasts or through the nipples. An abscess on the breast is the hollow space that develops pus in it through infected milk ducts. It usually develops in the presence of severe mastitis. This type of infection is generally seen in women who are lactating, however, there is no thumb rule, and it can affect women of all ages.

Symptoms Of Abscess on Breast

The symptoms for abscess on breast include high fever and swelling in the breasts, discharge from the nipples, nipple tenderness, itching, redness, and warmth of the breast tissue or enlargement of lymph nodes on the affected side.

In women who are not lactating such infections might prove onset of inflammatory cancer. In worst cases, it might convert into a blood infection and prove fatal for the body. Worse case symptoms include loss of consciousness, difficulty in breathing, high fever etc.

Causes For Abscess on Breast And Who Is At The Risk Of Developing It

abscess on breast is caused due to bacterial infection caused due to staphylococcus aureus. The bacteria enter the skin through the cracks on the tender breast tissue or through the nipples. The resulting infection is actually called mastitis.

Causes And Symptoms Of Abscess On Breast

An abscess is the later part of the infection, which results in formation of lumps in the breast and causes pain. The women at the risk are usually those who are breast-feeding. The risk factors can be enlisted as: skipped breastfeeding sessions, tight bras, stress, exhaustion, neglecting proper diet

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What It The Treatment for Abscess on Breast

The treatment includes medical assistance. It may include examination of white blood cell count, sample of the breast milk etc. the physician might advise you to antibiotics. It is very essential in such cases to complete the course of antibiotics even if you feel all right. Some of the antibiotics usually suggested are: Cephalosporin, Erythromycin, Penicillin etc

Surgical methods could also be used to cure abscess on breast. This will include drainage of the puss collected in the abscess. A bandage and left to heal on its own will protect this incision later. Proper care and hygiene will be advised to keep the area safe from other infections.

These are the very basics of caring for abscess on breast. If these guidelines are followed effectively, your chance of being infected will be zeroed in. Maintenance of proper hygiene is very essential for both after and before the infection. Prevention is better than cure; hence preventing the infection itself will be less painful.

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