Causes of Breast Leaking

Breasts are the tissues that are regulated by hormones of the body. The main function of the breasts is to feed the infants. They undergo some changes throughout the life as they sometimes need to control the growth of the milk ducts, secretion of milk and lactation period. Breast leaking may occur due to any natural change in the body or as a side effect of any disease. But the main causes of breast leaking and tips to deal with are discussed here:

Main Causes of Breast Leaking


The arrival of 12th week of pregnancy leads to breast leaking .This is because the breasts start producing colostrums before the production of milk in the breast. Colostrum is a fluid which contains some very useful antibodies that is one of the main components of breast milk. This fluid comes out on its own as breast leaking and in some cases it has to be extracted manually.

Breast Tumors

If the breast leaking is abnormal and without pregnancy , then it may be a sign of breast cancer. In a few cases, non cancerous tumors also lead to the secretion of fluid from the breasts.

Causes And Tips To Overcome Breast Leaking


This type of discharge comes out of only one breast and breast leaking is without any manual stimulation to the breasts. This discharge can be clear, watery or bloody. The medical consultation is required when this type of secretions comes.


This problem occurs when the proclactin that is secreted from the pituitary gland is too much and it leads to the production of milk without any pregnancy. This is because prolactin is responsible for the secretion of milk from the breasts. Hyperprolactinemia may be caused by a form of brain cancer known as prolactinoma. Sometimes it occurs due to side effect of medications or any type of hormonal imbalance. So whenever you will observe milk secretion without being pregnant or lactating then you must consult a doctor.

Breast leaking is normal in the weeks after delivery and it will get managed automatically when you will have a breastfeeding schedule. However, you can use following tips to deal with the problem of breast leaking:

Tips to Deal With Breast Leaking Problem

Use Nursing Pads

Nursing pads will help you to deal with the problem of breast leaking as they will absorb all the leaks and drips from the breast and help to keep your clothes dry and tidy.

Causes And Tips To Overcome Breast Leaking

You should change the nursing pads when they have sobbed wet to avoid any type of irritation. You can go for disposable nursing pads or washable cotton ones .Avoid wearing plastic or waterproof liner as they causes irritation.

Prefer Wearing Dark Cotton Clothes

Camouflage all your silky clothes as nipple leaking leads to stains on it. Go for wearing dark colored cotton clothes till you will overcome with the problem of breast leaking.

Avoid Pumping your Breasts

The pumping of the breasts will aggravate the problem so avoid pumping your breasts. Fold your arms against your breast tightly to get rid of excessive milk production but don’t do this act if your milk production is not well established and it will lead to problems when you need to feed the baby.