Causes For Breast Soreness

Causes For Breast Soreness

The problems and diseases related to breasts are quite common especially in women. Breasts are vulnerable to internal changes mostly due to hormonal imbalance. Breast soreness is amongst such changes. A sore breast refers to a tender breast, a breast which is painful. It can affect both the genders but most commonly it occurs in women.

Pain in breasts which is also known as mastalgia in medical terminology, can be due to numerous reasons so, it is often difficult to diagnose the real cause by oneself. Most people fear that the pain could be due to any cancer or tumor. Hence, a monthly examination of breasts is necessary.

The cause of tender breasts is difficult to determine without a proper clinical check-up because the pain in breasts for any reason is usually of the same type. The symptoms of sore breasts include pain, a stabbing, throbbing, sharp or dull one; pain in armpits; heavy breasts; a male person may notice tenderness in breasts or maybe even a lump under the nipple area.

These are the common symptoms of a sore breast but their degree of occurrence may vary from person to person. Soreness of breast may involve both the breast or can be unilateral.

Causes of Breast Soreness

Why would breasts become sore? Most of us might have thought this a several times. Pain in breasts can be due many reasons. Fears of having a breast cancer may occupy a person’s mind, one who would have a sore breast. But the fact is that breast cancers are really rare. Sore breast can mostly be the cause of the changing hormonal levels that occur at the teen ages mostly. However, a list of possible causes of breast soreness is given below:

Hormonal Level Changes

During the monthly menstrual cycles in a woman, rising levels of estrogen cause the proliferation of the milk ducts of breasts. This means that when the uterus is being prepared for a possible pregnancy during menstrual cycle, the breasts are also being prepared for lactation. So this proliferation activity in the breasts can ignite pain and the breasts may become sore.

This is often known as cyclic mastalgia and it occurs very commonly especially in teenage girls. It may occur in both the breasts, may also involve the armpit and can include heaviness of breasts. Cyclic mastalgia does not need any treatment as it goes away after the periods have ended.

Non-Cyclic Breast Changes

Non-cyclic causes of breast soreness may include ‘fibroadenoma’ or ‘cyst’ formation. Cyst is a non-cancerous tumor mass that is felt as a lump in the breast upon palpation during self-examination.

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It may occur singly or can be multiple. Cysts in breasts usually occur during teen ages or in 20’s. Most of the fibroadenomas are of simple type and their risks of developing into a cancer are very low. If you notice some lumpy masses in breasts, consult your physician.


During pregnancy, active proliferation of the breast’s milk ducts and breast tissue is much more than what it is during normal menstrual cycles. The breasts tend to become greatly enlarged then because of the milk formation. At this time, the breasts may become tender and sensitive. The nipples may also become sore and lumps in breasts may also be felt.

Other general causes of breast soreness may include; wearing a bra that is not of the appropriate size or which is too tight, a lot of caffeine consumption, breast injuries or trauma, inappropriate posture of sitting or lying; or simply due to stress. Soreness of breasts due to these causes can be overcome simply by changing the habits.

Hence, if one experiences soreness of breasts, do not worry, because it may not necessarily be breast cancer. Instead, most of the causes of mastalgia are due to the cyclic changes or quite general ones. But if one feels the symptoms to be worsening, then the medical attention has to be attained to prevent any complications.