7 Causes Of Fatigue In Young Women

Causes Of Fatigue In Young Women

Fatigue is a syndrome, which is highly prevalent in the general population, especially among the young women. This is generally diagnosed with the symptom of a feeling of lack of energy and tiredness, without any significant physical exertions. This is a syndrome which can manifest itself among women for a variety of reasons ranging from a lack of iron in the body to chronic fatigue syndrome and hormonal imbalances to some extent also. Here, we are listing out some of the possible causes of the fatigue syndrome among the young women nowadays.

Causes Of Fatigue In Young Women

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Is Causes Of Fatigue

It is an extensively debilitating medical disorder, commonly affecting people of 15-45 years, mainly women, which can cause depressions, fatigue, cardiac and respiratory problems without any immediate physical exertion or other medical conditions. Its symptoms can persist for 6-12 months or more and is generally not relieved by rest. The cause of this syndrome is not yet known, so the treatment is symptomatic.

Hormonal Disbalance

Hormonal Disbalance Is Cause Of Fatigue

It is one of the prime causal agents of extensive fatigue and tiredness among women. Generally caused by an improper balance between the estrogen and progesterone levels in the body, it can have severe effects on the body.Primary causes of this disorder may range from intake of contraceptive pills to stress and from inadequate diet to even pollution. Some medical procedures like the hormone replacement therapy are also known to cause this disorder.

Anemia Or Iron Deficiency

Anemia Is Cause Of Fatigue

It is commonly caused due to blood loss through uterine bleeding, low iron intake, reduced RBC production, folic acid deficiency and gynecological and gastroenteritis problems. As the hemoglobin count in the body decreases, it causes excess fatigue in young women. Its treatment is based on its severity as well as its cause.

Thyroid Gland Problems

Thyroid Gland Problems Is Cause Of Fatigue

Thyroid glands either producing inadequate or excess of hormone can also cause fatigue syndrome in young women. It generally causes fatigue and weakness, without any apparent symptoms. Thyroid test is required to diagnose this problem.


Stress Is Cause Of Fatigue

One of the prime factors affecting most of young women in today’s times is stress or anxiety. It causes various problems, both mental and physical.Often the most notable effects of stress is sleep deprivation. Inadequate sleep in turn causes fatigue and mental tiredness. Factors responsible for this may vary from work to education to other personal problems and social dilemmas. It can be relieved by regular exercise and meditation along with a good night’s sleep.


Depression Is Cause Of Fatigue

Persistent bouts of depression arising due to various reasons such as happenings in life, family problems, work, relationship issues and stress can also cause severe fatigue in young women. Anti-depressant drugs can be taken to relieve the symptoms after consulting a physician.


Improper Food Habitsis Cause Of Fatigue

Inadequate food intake or improper food habits, a rising phenomenon among the young women today due to reasons such as losing weight and tight work schedules are the main causes of anorexia, which in turn are causing fatigue in an ever increasing numbers. It can only be taken care of by proper eating habits and adequate food intake.