Causes Of Memory Loss In Women

Causes Of Memory Loss In Women

Good memory is the stepping stone to success. When we lose our memory, whether it’s short term or long term, we lose our efficiency, be it personal or professional life. The ability to remember and retract memories rest with the brain’s efficiency in performing intricate procedures where we can store as well as retrieve information.

Poor memory arises when any part of this complex network slows down or malfunctions due to ageing, disease and many other factors like intake of medications, lifestyle etc. The onset of memory loss happens gradually and can be due to a variety of factors like neurological, psychological, physiological and onset of age.

Here Are Some Causes Of Memory Loss In Women

Age Related Memory Loss

One of the most common causes of poor memory is ageing when the brain function slows down.The brain will no longer be able to efficiently process the information sent by various parts of the body as certain parts of the brain becomes sluggish and this leads to poor memory. Areas like hippocampus become inactive with age and this directly affects a person’s ability to store information and retrieve it when needed.

Causes Of Memory Loss In Women

The brain cells too start losing when the body grows in age. As the brain cells become less in number, the process of neurotransmission gets affected due to inadequate number of brain cells present.

At this stage, storing and processing information becomes low and the person takes longer time to retrieve memories from the brain. A number of problems like dementia caused by Alzheimer’s sets in during old age due to degeneration of brain cells.

Poor Memory Due To Stress

The release of cortisol which is a stress hormone can cause a lot of trouble for proper brain function. Cortisol can tamper with proper neurotransmission and as a result, the person will have long term as well as short term memory loss.

Generally, mild stress is known to improve your brain function and overall efficiency as there is a controlled release of cortisol which can enhance concentration. Prolonged stress hormones in the body will have an adverse effect on the brain and affect the hippocampus of the brain, which is the area related to memory.

Causes Of Memory Loss In Women

Stress for a long time can permanently damage the brain cells and lead to inability in storing and retrieving information from the brain. It can also result in insomnia which is again a factor that can contribute to poor memory and lack of concentration.

Diet And Poor Memory

Diet too plays a great role in increasing and maintaining good brain function. Just like the body, brain too requires nutrients and in the absence of nutrients, brain function deteriorates and the person experiences memory loss.

A balance of nutrients and vitamins and adequate oxygen supply are essential for optimum brain function. Symptoms of malnutrition can crop up as poor memory, mental fatigue, forgetfulness and confusion due to lack of proper brain function.

Diet And Poor Memory

All these factors must be corrected without delay to protect your brain from permanent damage and provide a better life for your brain for all the years to come.