Causes Of Painful Lump In Breast

Lump in breast is also identified as protuberance or swelling that creates pain in breasts. Lump in breast is not a serious disease, but sometimes it might turn out to be symptoms of cancer or outcomes of other hormonal changes in body. Lump happens due to hormonal change in body and as a result, breast tissue responds accordingly.

Most women experience mild to moderate and severe pain in breast if lump is pressed gently. But this is not necessary that lump always have pain if pressed. Some women do not show any signs of pain on being pressed. Lump may occur at any age. Women are afraid that having a lump may indicate symptoms of breast cancer, but it has been noticed that most of the lumps are non-cancerous or benign.

Causes of Lump in Breast

Infection: Mastitis is a medical terms for breast infection that is the result of inflammation of the breast tissue. Breastfeeding women have mastitis very commonly, but this is not perceived because baby consistently presses the breast and breastfeeding moms attribute any pain or abnormal condition in breast to pressing.

At times, longer breastfeeding causes cracking or injuring to nipple skin (areola) that allows bacteria to enter the open wound resulting in infection. When women breastfeed their babies, a hard area is formed that is known as clogged milk duct, this area is then developed into an actual breast infection, but there are certain treatments to prevent “clogged milk duct” to grow.

Formation of Infection

This infection slowly develops into a deep pocket of pus and spreads across wider area of the skin or grows down into the breast area.

Causes Of Painful Lump In Breast


If you are having any such complications, redness or swelling, do not try to pierce your nipple area, scratch your skin because it can breed the infection easily. If you are doing so, it may be very difficult to treat for your physician.

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Medical Treatment for Lumps

If you are having any suspicious signs or symptoms of lumps in your breast, immediately, consult your physician or doctor. He/she will suggest you some tests, routine examination and might prescribe your some medicines.

Your doctor will check if you are experiencing any changes in your skin. He/she can also ask you if your tender lump or mass in the breast disappears after you have nursed your baby. Sometimes, women have drainage from nipple and they also have pain while nursing. These symptoms require to be shared with your doctor.

If you are having any swelling or redness around your breast, do not try to treat them with over-the-counter medicines. In addition to this, you might have unexplained prolonged breast pain and other problems in your breast; immediately contact your family doctor or some other qualified physician to seek medical consultation.

Do Not Worry About Lumps

Each lump is not supposed to be symptoms of cancer. Breast cancer can also be treated successfully if noticed and treated without delay. If you are having any pain, problems in your breast, itching while breastfeeding your baby with or without lumps, do not ignore it.

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