Cervical Cancer Early Treatment

Most cervical cancer patients who have detected their disease at stage zero and stage one have an almost 100% chance of complete recovery. Unfortunately many of them do not discover cervical cancer so early due to the confusing symptoms and sometimes the total absence of symptoms during the early stages.

Early treatment is the only way by which you can ensure complete cure and longevity. Millions of women die every year due to late discovery of cancer. Cervical cancer is thankfully not a fast advancing cancer. The growth takes time and hence a woman who is ever so careful about annual pelvic examination has ample time to catch the tumours young.

Treatment Of Stage 0 And Stage 1

Stage 0 of cervical cancer refers to the presence of cells that are abnormal that could develop into cancer later on. In stage 0, the cancer cells are not yet present and hence the treatment becomes much easier and effective. Three types of treatment methods are used for stage 0 namely laser surgery, conisation and cryosurgery.


Loop electrosurgical excision procedure is a process by which electric current is directed at the abnormal or cancerous cells in the early stages and destroying it completely before it spreads to other areas. This will either prevent the abnormal cells from developing into cancer or stop the spread of cancer which is only at stage 1.

Radiation Treatment For Early Cervical Cancer

Radiation treatment is the most common and effective method used for treating cancer cells and preventing it from spreading beyond the cervical lining. Radiation treatment is most often used in conjunction with chemotherapy and sometimes surgery in the case of advanced stages. Radiation therapy can be administered in two ways.

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Internal Radiation Or Brachytherapy

Internal radiation is the most common treatment method used for killing the cancer cells that are concentrated inside the cervix. The method involves placing small capsules or seeds of radioactive material into the cervix where the abnormal cells are present. The abnormal cells which are in direct contact with the radiation are destroyed without exposing the nearby organs to radiation.

Implant radiation is another internal radiation treatment in which a radioactive device is inserted inside the cervix through the vaginal canal. This device remains inside the patient for up to 3 days after which it is removed. This being a high concentration treatment, is not repeated for more than twice during the treatment. In high dose rate brachytherapy, the internal radioactive material remains inside for an hour every day or 3-4 times a week.

External Radiation

External radiation involves sending a beam of high energy x rays to the affected area. This is a treatment method that is most often combined with chemotherapy or an internal radiation treatment. External radiation therapy can continue for several weeks and is directed at the abnormal cells from varied angles for maximum effect.

Some patients also choose to get a hysterectomy and removal of lymph nodes in order to prevent recurrence and spreading even though at stage 0 and 1, these areas are not affected. Cervical cancer can be treated with 100% results during the first and second stages. It is a good thing to know that even the advanced stages of cervical cancer has a good survival rate.