Chances Of Getting Pregnant On Your Period

Chances Of Getting Pregnant On Your Period This is one question on the mind of every woman whether she is married, unmarried, a mother or trying to conceive. Let me come straight to the point. Probability of getting pregnant during a period is almost zero. But you should know your body well. Here are a few points when you can get pregnant with your periods. If you do not fall under any of these categories you can feel safe.

Getting Pregnant During Period

Short Cycle

Majority of women have 28 days cycle. But there are some who have a cycle as short as 22 days. If you are a person with less than 28 days cycle then you have to be careful. You will have your ovulation immediately after your period and there are chances of your partner’s live sperm waiting for the egg. Women with longer cycles need not worry about this.

Breakthrough bleeding

Breakthrough bleeding is the abnormal bleeding or spotting that some women experience between their menstrual cycles. The bleeding can be slight or even heavy in some cases.

Pregnant On Your Period


If you mistake the breakthrough bleeding to be your period and have unprotected sex, then you can be pregnant. Sometimes, the breakthrough bleeding itself can be because of pregnancy.

Long Periods

If you have unusually long periods, then there are chances of your getting pregnant when you have unprotected sex with your periods. If you are bleeding for 8 or 10 days due to some reason, there are still chances that you ovulate on your 12th or 14th day. So, thinking that you are still on your period, if you have unprotected sex on the 9th or 10th day, a live sperm may be waiting inside for the egg.

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Withdrawal or Fake Periods

If you are on birth control pills, then your periods are fake periods, or withdrawal periods. They are not real periods in the true sense. The pill suppresses the hormones enabling the uterine lining to stay thin. It is the excess hormones that come out as your period. So in this case, if you miss out taking pills on any of your days in the pack, you have a chance of getting pregnant if you have unprotected sex during your period.

If you know your body well, you can be rest assured. You well be safe and come out clean. If you have doubts with any of the above mentioned cases then you should not take a risk even if it is your period. Remember, chances of getting pregnant with your periods are almost impossible, but it is not impossible. For those who want to use this as a natural birth control means, go ahead. It’s one of the best ways. But get to know your body well before you implement it.

For teenage boys and girls, who want to experiment with the body, this is not the right way. You are too young to understand the rhythm of your body. Remember, any time you ejaculate inside the body, there are chances of your getting pregnant. For those who are trying desperately to get pregnant, this is not the best time to indulge. The chances of getting pregnant with your period is very slim.