Every surgery has risks associated with it. Same is the case with a breast augmentation surgery. The surgical procedure undertaken and the person who has done the surgery are important factors that help in faster healing and lesser complications. This is why it is of utmost importance to choose the right surgeon for the cosmetic procedure.

Choosing the right surgeon has many pre as well as post surgery benefits and also during the surgical procedure. Here is what you have to look for when you look for a surgeon for your breast augmentation.


Competence is the number one factor that has to be taken into consideration, especially if you are looking for excellent results for your cosmetic surgery. The surgeon must be a reputed one and you must ensure that he/she has a trusted name in the field. It is a good practice to ask his previous clients about their satisfaction quotient and also his/her way of dealing with the clients.

An approachable and competent person will have no ill reputation or complaining clients who are dissatisfied with the results. Get a thorough checking of his/her background before approaching him/her. You may also go through the photos of his previous clients and decide for yourself whether you are satisfied with what you see in print.


The competence of a plastic surgeon is directly proportional to the number of years he has been practicing. Experience makes a surgeon more confident and capable of handling the procedure without failures. The number of years he/she has worked on clients has given him expertise in the procedure and the chances of him going wrong anywhere would be very unlikely. Such a surgeon will also be able to guide you well with post operative care and procedures that have to be followed diligently in order to get best results.

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The area of specialisation of the surgeon that you choose is very important when you consider breast augmentation. Even if the surgeon could be a plastic surgeon, he /she might have a different area of specialisation which you may not know. A surgeon who has specialisation in breast augmentation and reconstructive surgery will be able to best guide you and perform the surgery effectively without faults. Look for a surgeon who has specialisation in augmentation procedures. Experience is the key factor here as well. Along with the qualification, he must definitely have years of experience to make matters easy for you.


Finally, last but not the least quality that you have to look for, the surgeon that you choose must be approachable and very pleasant. He/she must be the kind whom you would want to confide in and look for solutions. The approachability and attitude of the doctor helps a lot in opening up and discussing your problems and desires before and after the surgical intervention. This will also increase the overall satisfaction of the person undergoing the surgery.

Breast augmentation is a major cosmetic surgery. The satisfaction of the person depends on a number of factors including the attitude of the surgeon towards the patient.