Common Cause Of Diabetes

Cause Of Diabetes

Cause Of Diabetes Diabetes is a metabolism disorder and is an amalgamation of many diseases. Metabolism refers to the process by which food is digested inside our body to produce energy and growth. Most of what we eat is broken down into simpler form and is stored in the form of glucose. It is a form of sugar that acts as fuel for the body. However, glucose cannot be absorbed into the cells minus the presence of insulin.

Diabetes – The Condition

Insulin is a hormone produced by Pancreas which helps the body cells absorb glucose. Thus, it indirectly keeps the blood sugar level low. Diabetes is thus a condition where the glucose level in the blood is too high. It is also called Hyperglycemia. Such a situation arises chiefly because the body either fails to produce enough insulin or it simply stops producing the same. Hence, the amount of glucose present in the blood starts to swell up as body cells fail to absorb it any longer. This ultimately goes out of the body through urine.

Types of Diabetes

Diabetes is mainly of three types.

The first type of diabetes is that where the body does not produce any insulin at all.

The second type of diabetes is that when the body doesn’t produce enough insulin or when the insulin doesn’t quite help the cells absorb glucose.

The third type of diabetes is called Gestational diabetes which is acquired during pregnancy.

While the first two types of diabetes are chronic medical conditions (persistent and unending), the last of the three is a temporary problem which revolves after the birth of the child.

Causes of Diabetes

There is a common myth that eating sweets causes diabetes. However, in reality sweets have nothing to do with diabetes. Nevertheless, any kind of food can be indirectly related to diabetes in the sense that, bad food habits causes obesity which is at times responsible for diabetes. Hence, there are many misconceptions prevalent among people. This post would thus help you identify the basic problems that cause diabetes and would eventually aid in keeping it at bay.

Inherited Traits

It is strongly believed that diabetes is hereditary and that it passes on to people from one generation to the other. The closeness or the blood relation is actually held as the gauge which tells if the offspring would have the condition or not. Children who have diabetic parents (both) are at a higher risk of being diabetic than children who have a single diabetic parent (mother or father).

Poor Diet

Malnutrition or improper nutrition often results in diabetes. Low protein – fiber intake and a high intake of refined products results in the same.



Obesity results in a higher level of insulin resistance. If the body fat is more than 30% and if you have an excessive waist girth (35 in females and 40 in males), you run the risk of suffering from diabetes.


The age factor is often held responsible for a variety of medical conditions. With the increase in age, our immune system goes down and thus people start suffering from a host of problems one of which is diabetes. According to a recent data, around 80% of diabetes cases crop up on the other side of 50 and the incidences rise with an increase in age.

Sedentary lifestyle

Sedentary lifestyle leads to diabetes and hence people who are into some sort of physical activity run a low risk of falling prey to the vicious grasp of diabetes.


Physical injury and emotional uproar is often held responsible for the disease. During the time of stress, the defense mechanisms of the body are low and hence people are more prone to develop diabetes and other similar diseases.


Staphylococci bacteria can cause infections in pancreas thus resulting in insulin related problems, which in turn give rise to diabetes.

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Drug Induced

reasons for diabetes

Certain drugs can induce this lethal disease in people. This is the sole reason that you should not take pills on your own discretion and should rather consult a doctor before doing the same.


Diabetes is mostly seen in elderly males but it can affect females too. Women who have had multiple pregnancies or suffer from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome run a higher risk of suffering from diabetes.


Many studies have often related high systolic pressure and diabetes together. Thus, if you suffer from the former, make sure that you undergo regular tests to track the presence of diabetes in your system.

Serum Lipids andLipoproteins

A high cholesterol level in the blood goes hand in hand with elevated blood sugar levels. Thus, you should check your food habits and make sure that you maintain more of a balanced diet.