Common Causes Of Asthma

Common Causes Of Asthma

Common Causes Of Asthma Asthma is a chronic condition where the air passage gets blocked or constricted due to excessive mucus secretion (triggered by different allergens) thus causing breathing troubles. As time progresses, these swollen passages become sensitive to allergens all the more, thus bringing in an allergic reaction causing the condition to escalate often resulting into premature deaths.

Asthma is a serious condition which requires medical assistance, but if the symptoms are identified early, it can be controlled as well and thus help the patient lead a normal life. Few of the causes mentioned below would help you identify the problems associated with asthma and avoid the things that trigger the condition.

Causes Leading to Asthma

Basically, people do understand that asthma is a condition where you face difficulty in breathing and experience a chest heavy feeling, triggered by swollen airways. But, people lack the basic knowledge about things that cause this situation, which in turn are the reasons behind the blocked passage ways.

Genetic Factors

Asthma is said to run in families as it has a genetic connection. However, people suffering from asthma may at times also suffer from other allergic conditions as rhinitis, which is the inflammation of nose lining. People suffering from such allergies (triggered by allergens) develop an aggravated form of asthma.

Sedentary Lifestyle

A certain level of exercise is needed for all as that stretches the airways and keeps them in shape. However, a complete lack of exercise and sedentary lifestyle makes the passage rigid, which often succumbs to minor irritants thus setting off asthma in a person.

Allergens at Workplace

Common Causes Of Asthma


Ever considered that you may get affected by allergens at your workplace? Well, people working in industries like baking, farming, woodwork, chemical production, spray paint and others are often subjected to allergens such as pollen, dust, gases and chemicals which actually give rise to asthma.

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Dietary Influences

The increase in the consumption of processed foods, decreased antioxidant intake and increased salt intake are often considered the cause behind the development of asthma. Lower consumption of Omega 3 fatty acids is yet another cause leading to the same condition. Hence, asthma does have dietary influences and one must keep his food habits under check to escape the condition.

Environmental Factors

It often happens that in well furnished wealthy homes, lack of proper air flow or dimly lit rooms, set the conditions right for bacterial growth or rapid breeding of dust mites. Environmental factors as pollens, moulds and dust act as allergens thus triggering asthma in a person. At times, even tobacco smoke predisposes people in developing the symptoms of asthma.

Other Factors

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there remain many other factors that may cause asthma. Few of these include cold and dry air, emotional arousal and fear. Even certain kind of medicines are said to set the right platform for asthma to develop or to recur.

Hence, the fundamental cause of this condition still remains a mystery to many. One must understand that most of the times asthma develops because of the combination of environmental and genetic factors. Thus, if you wish to avoid asthma, then you got to take the right steps at the right time.

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