Common Causes Of High Blood Pressure

Common Causes Of High Blood Pressure

Common Causes Of High Blood Pressure High Blood pressure or arterial hypertension , is a condition which leads to an elevation in the volume of blood that flows through the arteries. The increased levels of blood, forces the heart to pump blood harder than usual and this creates problems in the circulatory system.

It is not easy to cure high blood pressure completely, but medical experts help patients regulate and control the blood pressure levels, so that they can alleviate the symptoms of hypertension and high blood pressure.

It is important to be aware of the levels of normal blood pressure which ranges between 100-140 mmHg systolic which is the higher side of the reading and 60-90mmHg diastolic which is the lower reading in normal adults. If the blood pressure levels increase beyond 140/90 mmHg then the patient is said to be suffering from high blood pressure or hypertension.

The Main Causes of High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is categorized into essential or primary hypertension or secondary hypertension. 90-95 percent of the high blood pressure patients are diagnosed for primary hypertension, which cannot be attributed to any underlying cause that can be medically obvious. The secondary type of hypertension or high blood pressure is caused due to ailments that affect the hearts, arteries, kidneys or the endocrine system.

Causes of Primary Hypertension or High Blood Pressure

Age Factors

The risk of high blood pressure has been found to be related to age and the tendency of people becoming hypertensive as they become older. The increased stress levels and lifestyle factors in many aging adults in the contemporary urban society, gives rise to high blood pressure and hypertension related problems.

Interaction of Genes With Environmental Factors

The complex interaction of the environmental factors with the genetic constitution of a person, also leads to high blood pressure. There are many variants present in the genes that can have major or minor effects on blood pressure levels. Numerous studies are being carried out to research on the association of environmental factors with the genetic model of an individual. High blood pressure is also known to be hereditary and if there is a history of the same in the immediate family, there is a strong probability of the off springs being diagnosed for hypertension or high blood pressure.

Salt Consumption

Many high blood pressure patients have been known to take extra inputs of salt in their daily food intake. The extra levels of salt intake, leads to increased sodium levels that elevates thirst levels.

Common Causes Of High Blood Pressure

This makes the patient drink more volumes of fluids and water. This adds to the volume of blood in the arteries and increases blood pressure. Those looking for a natural way of reducing high blood pressure should cut down on their intake of salt immediately.


Low consumption of fruits and non fatty products also lead to hypertension. A healthy lifestyle that includes regular exercise and morning walks, reduction in weight, and reduced consumption of alcohol go a long way in the regulation of high blood pressure. An excessive intake of caffeine and high cholesterol food items, are other causes related to the increase of blood pressure.

Stress, Anxiety and Vitamin D Deficiency

Contrary to popular belief, stress and anxiety play a minor role in the elevation of the blood pressure levels. It is important to practice some easy relaxation techniques regularly, go on drives, take small holidays, meet friends, listen to soothing music and take meditation classes, to help relax the nerves and alleviate the symptoms of high blood pressure. The deficiency of Vitamin D is also related to high blood pressure and exposure to natural sunlight definitely helps in warding off the same.

Oral Contraceptives

Women who are used to taking oral contraceptives are prone to higher levels of blood pressure.

Insulin Resistance

Obese patients are likely to be insulin resistant. Insulin resistance is an important component of metabolic syndrome or Syndrome X, that causes hypertension or high blood pressure.

Events in Early Life

According to recent studies, certain events that have taken place earlier in life act as causes for high blood pressure. Patients who have been born with low birth weight or have been exposed to maternal smoking suffer from the symptoms of high blood pressure at a later stage in life. Lack of breast feeding is also one of the other obscure causes that need more research for establishing its relationship with high blood pressure.

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Common Causes Of High Blood Pressure

Smoking is one of the primary causes of high blood pressure and hypertension. According to medical experts, patients who have quit smoking after the diagnosis of high blood pressure have shown marked improvement in the process of blood pressure regulation, unlike other smokers who have chosen to continue smoking.

Consumption of Illegal Drugs, Prescription Medicines and Unprescribed Herbal Supplements

It has been found that certain over the counter drugs and other medicines and supplements that are taken without expert recommendation lead to an increase in the blood pressure levels of many people. It is important to note, that these medicines can conflict with the other prescribed medicines and cause various other side effects as well.

Consumption of Potassium, Magnesium and Calcium

Patients who are deficient in calcium, magnesium and potassium and other natural minerals found in the body are often diagnosed for high blood pressure. It is important to supplement the daily diet with natural products containing the same.

Causes of Secondary Hypertension or High Blood Pressure

Renal Diseases and Endocrine Conditions

One of the most important reasons of secondary hypertension or high blood pressure that is related to identifiable causes is the presence of renal diseases in patients. Certain causes that are related to the endocrine system such as Cushing’s syndrome, hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, Conn’s syndrome, Acromegaly, hyperparathyroidism, hyperaldosteronism and pheochromocytoma are also responsible for high blood pressure.

Other Causes

The other causes that are attributed to the occurrence of secondary hypertension or high blood pressure in patients are obesity, pregnancy, coarctation of the aorta and sleep apnea.

High blood pressure or hypertension is one of the most common ailments that is affecting people today.Positive changes in the lifestyle and a healthy diet are important ways of keeping blood pressure levels under control.

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