Common Causes Of Kidney Infection

Common Causes Of Kidney Infection

Common Causes Of Kidney Infection Kidneys are the highly complicated reprocessing organs of the body which clean the blood by eliminating all wastage of the body. Any infection caused in the organs of urinary tract directly affects the functioning of the kidneys leading to total damage of this vital organ and blood poisoning.

Kidney infection or Pyelonephritis is very frequent among pregnant women, children, diabetic patients and elderly men or women. To avoid any complications arising out of this infection, take a look at all the probable causes of this acute or chronic infection.

Causes of Kidney Infection

Problems with Immune Systems

Weakened immune systems are more susceptible to any kind of infection. Some fungal or bacterial infection present in the body may mix with the blood and invades the kidneys in the long run leading to infection. Patients with type 2 diabetes are more likely to have weakened immune system which often results to infection in the kidneys.

Urinary tract

Common Causes Of Kidney Infection


Sometimes the bacteria reach up to the urethra and reproduce in the urinary bladder. This spreads more in women because of their tendency to hold urine and not emptying the bladder often. It leads to the multiplication of bacteria and eventually infecting the kidneys.

After Sexual Intercourse

Any irritation from sexual intercourse, use of lubricants or chemicals and spermicides increases the chances of bacteria reaching to the bladder and subsequently to the kidneys. These bacteria are multiplied in the bladder causing frequent infection in the kidneys.


Hygiene plays a major role in spreading the infection to the kidneys. Using toilet paper for wiping anus may arise the possibility of touching genitals with infected hands. This contact often results in spreading of E. coli bacteria, present in bowels, from the anus to the colon and eventually to the kidneys.

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Common Causes Of Kidney Infection


Since women have shorter urethra than men, they are more prone to getting infections. Bacteria are easily propagated to the organs of the urinary tract including the kidneys. The distance of the anus from the urethra is also shorter in women than in men, making them more vulnerable to all kind of infections of the urinary tract.

Use of Catheter

The use of catheter or the urine drainage tube increases the chances of getting kidney infection in the patients. If the tube is not maintained properly, it makes the entry of bacteria from the bladder to the urethra easier which results into kidney infection.

Kidney stones

Solid minerals or the kidney stones raise the chances of infection in the kidney. These stones prohibit the proper functioning of the kidney and obstruct the tract causing infection in the kidneys.

During pregnancy

Pregnancy makes it difficult to empty the bladder fully at a time which makes it easier for germs to multiply. This often leads to infection during these months.

Knowing the causes of kidney infection and their subsequent cure helps in avoiding more serious problems like total damage of kidneys, on time. It is always recommended to keep track of all the causes and their respective effective treatments.

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