Common Cramps A Sign Of Pregnancy

Among the most commonly posed queries related to early pregnancy is about whether or not cramps are a sign of pregnancy? Certainly, cramps felt in the abdomen are a likely indication of early pregnancy.

Several females have cited their experiences of cramps in early pregnancy as faint cramping or pressure sensed in the lower abdominal area. This occurrence is only natural as the woman’s uterus prepares itself for accommodating the foetus by starting to change size and form.

Cramps A Sign Of Pregnancy

Cramps in such cases are generally felt alongside breast tenderness, lacking or missing menses, increased urinary frequency, moodiness, queasiness, weariness, food yearnings among several others.

A slackened digestive system as a result of pregnancy too can cause abdominal cramps due to upset stomach, feeling bloated and gassy. Generalizations must be avoided as each pregnancy and its early indications vary in each woman.

Are Cramps a Sign of Pregnancy?

Outlined herewith are some of the varied reasons to clear all miasmas regarding this matter.

Sign of Implantation

Merely some days post-conception, the egg after impregnation affixes itself onto the wall of the uterus. This can result in spotting and at times cramps which is one of the preliminary indications of pregnancy. It is termed as implantation bleeding and is experienced around six to twelve days after the egg has undergone fertilization.

Sign of Implantation

Such form of bleeding is generally noticed sooner, is faint in appearance and briefer as compared to regular menses. On most occasions cramping experienced is akin to period cramps that are felt in the lower abdominal region, sudden and sharp-shooting pains, lugging, wringing or wrenching – early in gestation.

As a result it is often misconstrued to be the commencement of menstruation. A large section of females have reported cramps in their leg and abdominal regions during the seven days preceding their periods and while menstruating.


Mittelschmerz (or pain in mid-cycle) is described as pain or cramps sensed in abdomen during the midst of a menstrual cycle when a woman ovulates. It arises as a result of disintegration and discharge of an egg by the follicle (a mini pouch in the ovary carrying the egg).

Such form of pain and discomforting sensations could differ in intensity from faint pinching or spasms lasting merely some minutes in length or be rather acute and protracted in nature.


Since the ovary doesn’t have any aperture hence some extent of pains might be felt when the egg is breaking out via the ovary wall. Based on whether a woman’s left or right ovary lets go of the egg, the pain is concomitantly felt on that side of her lower abdomen.

Other Causative Factors

Merely experiencing abdominal cramping isn’t necessarily a sign of pregnancy and can arise as a result of several factors. Spotting and abdominal cramps or pains can sometimes also be experienced due to presence of cyst in ovary, tubal pregnancy, switching to a new brand of contraceptive pills, change/ commencement in menstruation, abrasions due to sexual contact, appendicitis, malposition of uterus among several others.

To exclude any other reasons for cramps it is best to undergo a medical examination at the earliest.