Common Myths And Facts About Sex And Unwanted Pregnancies

The underlying problem with many unwanted pregnancies that seem to crop up these days is that individuals who accidently get pregnant did so because they believed in some old wives tale about not getting pregnant if they follow certain practices.

Some of these myths about sex and pregnancy can be true and can save you from an unwanted pregnancy. However some, like the ones given below, tend to be false rumors spread around by individuals just for the heck of it. Here are some of those rather common pregnancy myths that can put you in deep trouble if you believe them.

Ejaculating Outside The Vagina

Many couples believe that the chances of getting pregnant are nil if the man ejaculates outside the woman’s vagina, even though he may have inserted his penis into the same a couple of times before removing it.

Most of these couples are not aware that prior to the original ejaculation, the penis secretes a pre ejaculation fluid that contains sperm as well. And so, inserting the penis into the vagina a few times before ejaculating would actually put the woman at a greater risk of getting pregnant by the sperms present in the pre ejaculation fluid.

Following A Rhythm Method Of Sex

Some women tend to believe that they would not get pregnant if they have unprotected sex on certain days of the month, especially during the so called safe periods of their menstrual cycles. Unfortunately, there are not many evidences that support this fact and a woman can still get pregnant is she has sex during the ‘safe’ period.

Have Sex Standing Up And You Won’t Get Pregnant

Irrespective of having sex standing up, lying down or even hanging upside down, a woman would get pregnant if the sperm present in the man’s ejaculation fluid (upon penetration) enters her vagina. Some women also tend to believe that doing jumping jacks after sex will keep them safe from unwanted pregnancies. However, the truth is that no amount of jumping around will help you out.

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Have Sex In Water To Prevent Unwanted Pregnancies

Some couples tend to believe that having sex in water would actually prevent the sperms from entering the vagina or remaining inside for longer periods. The truth however is far from it. Remember this! Even in water, the man’s penis would be inside the woman’s vainga when ejaculating. And so, there are very high chances for the sperm to enter the vagina without being washed away.

Added to this is the fact that sperms can stay alive outside the body if the temperature is just right. And so, if the sperms are inside your body without having reached the vagina, and if your body temperature is just right; they can stay in your body for about 6 weeks before dying. That would give them plenty of time to do what they are best at, fertilizing eggs.

No Orgasm Means No Pregnancy

Completely false! Remember, a guy can get a girl pregnant even if he does not get an orgasm. The reason for this would be the pre ejaculation fluid that would also contain potential sperms which could enter the vagina and fertilize the ovum. When it comes to women, irrespective of whether they get orgasms or not, they can get pregnant. For a woman’s orgasm is in no way connected to her chances of getting pregnant.

Washing The Vagina After Sex Can Prevent Pregnancies

Some women practice the douching method to prevent pregnancies. Accordingly, they wash the insides of their vagina with water and cleansing solutions in an attempt to wash away sperms if any. Again, this method is not fail proof and can fool you instead. So don’t be surprised if you end upi getting pregnant even after douching properly.

Having Sex During Periods Can Prevent Pregnancies

Sperms can survive inside in and around the vaginal area for weeks on end before dying. And so, having sex during the monthly menstrual cycles cannot effectively prevent unwanted pregnancies in women. On the contrary, in addition to potentially getting a woman pregnant, sex during periods can cause other serious issues like infections and STDs.