Common Problems With Breastfeeding

 Breastfeeding Problems Breastfeeding is an essential part of postnatal tending and care for the new born baby. Breastfeeding shouldn’t be discontinued at least till six months age of the baby unless there are some severe problems. Breastfeeding provides both the baby and the mother several benefits.

The baby receives immunity, necessary nutrition and several other benefits through the mother’s milk while the new mother can also get back to shape soon after delivery. The baby can easily digest breast milk which allows proper sleep and health. There are some common problems usually faced during breastfeeding which are discussed hereunder.

Common Breastfeeding Problems

Baby’s Refusal

A very common problem with breastfeeding is that when the baby is refusing to accept breastfeeding which may happen due to initial failure to make the baby attached to the breast. This may happen due to mother’s unavailability or some health problem.

The baby may also refuse breastfeeding if he or she is unwell, unsettled, suffering from a cold, the environment is filled with noise and distraction, taste of milk may be different due to some medication or there may be a difference in the milk flow.

If the baby is refusing due to initial failure of attachment to the breast then you have to be patient and keep trying to make the baby attached to breastfeeding. In case of other reasons the baby will eventually begin to breastfeed once the problem has been taken care of like sickness or distraction.

Sore Nipples

Sore nipples may happen due to infection and also because the baby is unable to attach properly with the breast. You may feel tenderness but in case you feel considerable pain it’s recommended to get medical help.

Thrush Infections in the nipples

There remains a possibility of getting bacterial infections during the breastfeeding stage in case you have cracked nipples. You may feel soreness and also irritating pain which has to be treated with proper medicines after the doctor diagnoses the actual infection. In case of such symptoms you shouldn’t ignore these as there remain high chances of the infection being passed to the breastfeeding baby.

Thrush Infections in the nipples

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Thrush is one such infection in which you may get sore red nipples and as the infection can be passed to the baby therefore it is important that you get immediate treatment.

Mastitis and Blocked Ducts

Blocked milk ducts are common in breastfeeding in which you may feel the presence of a sore lump in your breast. There may or may not be other associated symptoms like inflammation, redness on the breasts and flu like symptoms. If you have these associated symptoms along with sore lump in your breast then chances are that you have mastitis.

In such condition it is important that you should seek medical treatment in which antibiotics might be administered. For blocked milk ducts, however, you can simply try some home remedies like massaging the lump under warm water towards the nipple to let the milk duct get cleared, using warm compress and also avoiding tight bra.

Breast Biting

Breast biting is a common problem with a little older babies when they get proper control over the breasts with their mouths and they begin to playfully bite either with their gums or little teeth. It is better to begin weaning from breastfeeding gradually once the baby is almost a year old.