Removal of Breast Implants

The desire for shapely and firm breasts has led many women through the procedure of breast augmentation. The clinical process of installing breast implants for restoration or aesthetic purposes has helped many women regenerate their look and appeal. However, the irreversible process has made more than 40000 women opt for explantation or the surgery for the removal of their breast implants every year.

Given below is an insight into the various areas connected with the removal of breast implants.

Reasons for Breast Implant Removal

Cosmetic Dissatisfaction

There are various reasons that influence the removal of the breast implants. The most common reason for the surgery is connected with the revisions that are required due to the lack in cosmetic satisfaction, after the performance of the procedure. A removal and re-implantation is conducted to make the breasts match with the client’s expectations.

Capsular Contracture

Sometimes the breast implant removal procedure is conducted to address complicated issues such as capsular contracture. This is referred to the abnormal response of the immune system, to the presence or introduction of a foreign substance in the human body. The treatment methods and the corrective measures taken to correct the capsular contracture require the surgical removal and replacement of the breast implant.


In certain cases some women tend to react adversely to the materials or the substances used for breast augmentation. This leads to the development of an internal infection and bleeding which causes high levels of discomfort. It then becomes important to remove to the breast implants and bring the breasts back to their original state.

Detection of Breast Cancer or Calcium Deposits In the Breast

The diagnosis of breast cancer or the growth of a tumor can necessitate the removal of the breast implant. Sometimes there are traces of calcium deposits in the breasts which require their removal at the earliest.

Common Reasons Of Breast Implant Removal


This is done to facilitate the treatment for the disorders that have been detected, without the presence of any foreign substance in the breasts.

What to Expect After Breast Implant Removal

The removal of the breast implants may or may not lead to the replacement of the implants. Some women, who want to have bigger sized breasts, go in for a replacement of their implants with bigger sized ones. Sometimes the implants are not replaced and the changes in the breast are corrected with a breast lift, as the breasts tend to droop and sag after the removal of the implants.

It is important to be aware of the various options available after breast implant removal. The various options and methods should be discussed with the surgeon before signing in for breast implant removal.

The Procedure of Breast Implant Removal

The process of breast implant removal or breast prosthesis requires the administration of intravenous sedation or general anesthesia. The surgeon removes the capsule or the scar tissue that surrounds the main implant. After removal of the capsule, the breast implant which had been installed earlier is removed. The saline breast implants are deflated before removal. The incisions that had been done for the breast augmentation surgery are used to remove the breast implants.

The capsules may also be removed if the patient does not want the breast implant replaced or the replacement has to be done with a new implant at another location. If the new implant is of a different texture, shape, size or type, then the capsules have to be removed and reinstalled in a fresh manner.

In the cases of complete removal of the breast implants, the pocket or the area where the original implants was installed, is allowed to seal with the passage of time. Surgeons often recommend a compression garment or a breast support for the sealing process, as it prevents the filing up of the cavity with fluids.

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The Process of Breast Implant Removal Recovery

The recovery is dependent on the reasons that are associated with the removal of the breast implants. The decision of going in for a replacement also influences the recovery process. There are certain dos and don’ts that are recommended by the doctor after the breast implant removal process.

Common Reasons Of Breast Implant Removal

It is important for the patient to follow the surgeon’s advice for a quick and hassle free recovery process. A timetable for follow up visits is laid out and repeated visits until total recovery helps in avoiding any post operative infections or complications. Ptosis or the sagging of the breast may occur after the removal of the breast implants. This happens if the tissues that were stretched during the process of the breast implant fail to tighten after the removal of the same. A breast lift may be recommended at this stage by the surgeon.

Time Taken for Breast Implant Removal

The duration of the surgical process depends on the extent of the breast removal operation. The removal of the silicone implant or deflation and removal of the saline implant does not require as much time as the complete removal of the capsule as well as the implant. In cases where the operation requires the replacement of new or fresh breast implants, the time taken for the same will get added on to the time taken for removal of the same.

Complications and Risks of Breast Implant Removal

Some of the risks and complications connected with the removal of breast implant include loosening of the skin, breast sagging, scarring, infections, complications connected with anesthesia, loss of sensation in the nipples and various other psychological issues. The patients may get emotionally stressed due to the reduction in the size of their breasts or due to the diagnosis of breast cancer or other disorders that may have influenced the removal of the breast implants. A great deal of empathy and care is required for dealing with such patients.

The Costs Involved With Breast Implant Removal

It is common for the breast implant removal procedure to cost anything between $1000-$4000. The costs incurred on the process may be covered by insurance, if the removal is done for medical or clinical processes such as leakage, cancer or an infection. The cost of the new breast implants following the process of removal is not recovered by insurance. Various financing options are available and the same should be discussed with the surgeons if the costs seem too prohibitive.

Well, women who undergo breast augmentation, rarely envisage the remove of their implants. However, the explantation process provides relief to those patients who develop complications or dissatisfactions after the procedure. Explantation helps in restoration, replacement, complete removal and correction of the original breast implants.

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