Common Signs Of Menopause

menopause symptoms

menopause symptoms Menopause is a natural phenomenon which all women have to go through after the age of 45. While some women do not face extreme difficulties during menopause, for others it is a very trying time due to the hormone imbalances and resultant uneasiness that comes with it.

There are some very common signs of menopause that all women display during the perimenopause period which can crop up as early as 10 years before you actually attain menopause.

These symptoms can be temporary and permanent and most women will have to come to terms with it some way or the other. However, there are many natural methods that can be employed to keep the symptoms minimal.

Common Signs of Menopause

Perimenopause Symptoms

Symptoms that show during the perimenopause stage are temporary and do not last for the entire lifetime. These symptoms gradually subside after a woman attains menopause and the body learns to deal with the changes.

Typical symptoms during the perimenopause stage trouble women mostly during the night time. This is why insomnia is a major symptom that is commonly found during this time.

Perimenopause Symptoms

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Women find that they wake up suddenly at the middle of the night, completely soaked in sweat. These symptoms start troubling them quite often during the transition stage.

Known as night sweats, it is always followed by hot flashes which is a similar feeling of heat that is generated in the upper body, especially the facial skin. Both these symptoms are interconnected and are caused due to the estrogen imbalance in the body that is a sign of approaching menopause.

Common Bodily Changes During Menopause

The bodily changes that you feel during menopause can be temporary and permanent. Increased weight gain, especially around the abdomen is one of the common signs of menopause. This is because of progesterone imbalance which will reduce the capacity of the body to process fat into energy.

Thinning hair is another symptom to watch out for due to thyroid hormone imbalance which too is caused due to progesterone deficiency.  Progesterone imbalance can also lead to lack of sexual libido and dryness of the vagina which makes sexual intercourse extremely painful.

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Urinary incontinence may set in due to the thinning of the urethral wall which too can be a permanent symptom which cannot be rectified completely. Loss of memory is another common issue that sets in during menopause.

Many women find that apart from thinning hair or female pattern baldness at the onset of menopause, there is also increased hair growth on the face as a result of dominant male hormone testosterone.

One of the most common and serious symptoms during menopause is the loss of bone density which if left untreated can be the cause of osteoporosis in menopausal women. If you are faced with the symptoms mentioned above, be ready to face menopause in the coming years.


The most common treatment for menopause symptoms preferred by women is hormone replacement therapy. Though not a safe option due to the fact that it can lead to many health complications later on, HRT can alleviate the symptoms to a great extent and offer relief for most women.