10 Common Symptoms Of Constipation

Symptoms Of Constipation

Constipation is a problem about which most of the people hesitate to talk. But you should not actually have any hesitation as constipation is a natural thing. Before the problem aggravates and leads to pain and frustration you should cure it. This problem is more common in women and older people. Although this is not a major problem but you should be concerned about it.

The problem of constipation arises when it becomes difficult to excrete bowels and bowel movement is less frequent. The duration of the time between the bowel movements is different from person to person but if it becomes difficult to evacuate them then you are suffering from the problem of constipation.Some people got bowels thrice in a day while some miss three days. And when you have missed bowel movements for three days then the stool becomes hard and difficult to evacuate. Some of the signs and symptoms of constipation are given here:

Signs & Symptoms of Constipation

Difficult to Pass Bowels

Difficult to Pass Bowels

It becomes very difficult for you to pass the bowels. This is due to the fact that the stool becomes hard due to infrequent bowel movements.

Abdominal Pain

Abdominal Pain Is Symptom Of Constipation

The abdomen suffers from severe pain as the presence of hard stool in the large intestine gives less space to the digested food which leads to pain in the abdomen. Swelling also takes place in the internal walls of the abdomen as long time pending stool stays there which causes inflammation and swelling.


Vomiting Is Symptom Of Constipation

The digestion system gets affected due to abnormal bowel movements. As a result,indigestion takes place which gives rise to bouts of vomiting.

Hard Stools

Hard Stool Is Symptom Of Constipation

The stool becomes very hard. Even if a person passes it he/she suffers pain and strain excessively every time while evacuating.

Rectal Blockage

Rectal Blockage Is Symptom Of Constipation

The person suffering from the problem of constipation feels a sensation of rectal blockage. This is because he/she finds it like the passage to excrete the bowels has become narrow but in reality the hardened stool gives the feeling of rectal blockage.

Incomplete Evacuation

Incomplete Evacuation Is Symptom Of Constipation

The bowel movements cannot be excreted every time you go to the toilet. This puts you in a state where you will always feel incomplete evacuation.

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Requirement of Manual Maneuvers

Requirement Of Manual Maneuvers Is Symptom Of Constipation

The need of manual maneuvers arises to excrete the bowels from the rectum. Some people use finger evacuation while some rely on manipulation of the lower abdomen.

Blood in the Stool

Blood In Stool Is Symptom Of Constipation

Sometime faeces contain clots of blood. This is also an indicator of constipation. Rectal pain increases with the sign of blood in the stools.


Diarrhea Is Symptom Of Constipation

Due to the changes in the digestive system, few people suffer from the problem of diarrhea. This problem leads to dehydration in the body and may call for a medical emergency in some cases.

Excessive Weight Loss

Excessive Weight Loss Is Symptom Of Constipation

Constipation affects the whole process of eating and excreting. The dietary habit also undergoes changes. These changes lead to excessive weight loss.Constipation is a troublesome problem but it is not a serious disease. But if the duration of this problem increases then it may give rise to some complications and more serious diseases like hemorrhoids or other disorder can occur. So whenever you notice any changes in the bowel movements then seek medical assistance for a timely solution.