Common Symptoms Of Fatigue

Symptoms Of Fatigue

Symptoms Of Fatigue It’s a dog eat dog world out there and so in order to remain at the top, it has become necessary for individuals to work for extended periods without taking any kind of break whatsoever. And while this may have a positive effect on their career graph, it would surely take a toll on their health, with stress and exhaustion creeping in even before they know it.

Individuals who suffer from stress and exhaustion usually find it very hard to feel active even after a good night’s sleep. This would be because exhaustion is not a mere bug that leaves your body after sleeping continuously for hours on end. Rather, it is a kind of illness that starts eating your body gradually from inside, and with time leaves you extremely weak (both physically and mentally).

Reasons For Stress And Fatigue

So why do some individuals feel stressed out and exhausted all the time? Is it because they don’t get enough sleep? Or is it because they tend to place excess strain on the body for long periods without taking appropriate breaks in between? Here are some of the more common causes for exhaustion in an individual.

Unrelenting Professional Commitments

Long hours of desk jobs, difficult co workers, and tough managements can all lead to burn out which will eventually cause exhaustion.


Symptoms Of Fatigue

Individuals who suffer from stress usually tend to find it difficult to control their emotions and end up exhausting their minds, and their bodies in the process.


Of course there is always the case of illnesses and allergies like common cold, flu, hay fever etc. which can leave you drained out. Combine the sleep deprivation caused by the affects of these issues in the body with the effect of medications taken to handle the same, and you get a body which is exhausted to the core.

Symptoms Of Stress And Exhaustion That You Need To Be Aware Of

The symptoms of exhaustion are easy to spot and usually accompany a tired body. However, knowing these symptoms in detail would enable individuals to find out the exact reason behind the issue and take the necessary steps to treat the same. Here are some of the more common symptoms of fatigue and exhaustion in individuals.

Loss Of Concentration

A tired mind would find it very difficult to focus on even simple things, thus causing inattentiveness and loss of concentration.


A tired mind finds it hard to think properly, therefore leading to confusions and mistakes. This is usually characterized by the individual doing something unintentionally and then wondering as to why he/she ended up doing it in the first place.

Dizzy Spells

Symptoms Of Fatigue

Exhaustion is usually followed by a sudden, strong urge to just fall down and sleep. And more often than not, the brain succumbs to this urge and shuts down temporarily for just a fraction of a second. This time however would be more than enough for the body to undergo a sea of changes, including dizzy spells, drowsiness and nausea etc.

Mood Swings

Physically exhausted individuals tend to experience plenty of mental issues as well. These include frequent mood swings, irritability, depression, anxiety, sorrow etc. If you find yourself getting cranky, sad, angry, happy, excited, subdued all at once; and if you feel constantly irritable, chances are your body and mind are stressed out and exhausted.

Heart And Immune System Related Issues

Exhaustion can lead to a rapid heart rate that can be caused by anxiety. In addition to this, exhaustion and stress can visibly suppress the immune system and make your body more susceptible to illnesses and infections.

Physical Strength

Exhaustion and Stress can wreck havoc on your otherwise healthy body. If you find yourself waking up sluggish, drowsy and groggy every time, chances are your body is exhausted and stressed out.