Common Symptoms Of Postmenopausal

Common Symptoms Of Postmenopausal

Common Symptoms Of Postmenopausal Some of the women assume that if they have completed one year without periods then they have passed out the period of discomfort associated with menopause. They may stop feeling any symptoms but the hormone levels will keep on fluctuating with the emergence of already experienced and new symptoms. 

Some of the symptoms that are observed post menopause are here.

Signs & Symptoms of Postmenopausal

Vaginal Dryness and Itching

As the production of estrogen reduces in menopause the vaginal walls shrink in size which is known as atrophy. This shrinkage leads to dryness in the vagina. It puts the women in an uncomfortable situation as itching and soreness occurs frequently and pain is felt while sexual intercourse. If the vaginal dryness is excessive then you can use vaginal lubrication gels or estrogen rings.

Vaginal Discharge

Vaginal discharge with a bad odor and a hint of blood occurs. If the blood flow is frequent and heavy then medical advice should be sought to avoid the possibility of any major problem.

Increase in Body Weight

The decline in the estrogen levels of the body retains more fat cells in the body making you overweight by 10-20 pounds. In some cases the reason for weight gain is stress and depression.

Stress Incontinence

The term stress incontinence means loss of bladder control that helps to control sneezing, coughing and laugh. The strength of the muscles of the bladder depends upon the estrogen levels and when the estrogen decreases then the chances of stress incontinence increases. Kegel exercises should be done in such cases as it helps to give strength to the pelvic floor muscles which prevents the leakages from the bladder.

Urinary Tract Infections

The acidity of the vagina is maintained with the help of estrogen and estrogen decreases in menopauses which increases the chances of urinary tract infections.

Common Symptoms Of Postmenopausal


Due to the lack of vaginal fluids the bacteria can pass through the urethra and infection occurs. This is however not a major problem as can be treated with the help of antibiotics.

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The women experience lot of trouble to sleep properly. The sleep schedule is totally distracted. This may be due to stress and hot flashes. Herbal teas and warm milk at bedtime will give you some relief from this problem.

Vaginal Bleeding

The occurrence of heavy vaginal bleeding after menopause is the first sign of a serious disease like cancer. But it should not be confused with spotting during post menopause as spotting is not a serious thing and it can occur in post menopause.

Hot Flashes

Hot flashes mean a feeling of intense heat, sweat and increase in the heartbeat which continues for the duration of two to thirty minutes. Usually they occur when you enter the menopause period but some women feels them postmenopause.As the estrogen levels reduce the chances of break out of hot flashes occur.

When a woman enters the post menopause stage then she experiences some of the symptoms that upset her life but soon they will go away. But if the symptoms persist for longer durations and keep on lingering then medical advice should be sought to avoid the risks of some major diseases.