Common Techniques For Cosmetic Breast Augmentation

Common Techniques For Cosmetic Breast Augmentation

Common Techniques For Cosmetic Breast Augmentation Not all of us are blessed with naturally beautiful assets. Nearly 1 out of every 10 women feels imperfect (on the physical front) in one way or the other. And one area of concern that deeply affects many women out there is the chest, i.e. their breasts. Many women feel very insecure about their breasts. While some find their breasts to be large and bulky, others find them too small to look attractive.

In the case of the latter, a woman can opt for several homemade remedies and prescribed medications to enhance the size of her breasts. If these don’t work out, she can always opt for a breast augmentation procedure to get the type of breasts that she desires.

Cosmetic Breast Augmentation

Cosmetic Breast Augmentation is a surgical procedure that is usually done to make visible changes to the size and shape of the breasts. Also called as breast augmentation, breast implant surgery or Mammaplasty, the procedure involves increasing the breast size in addition to offering a range of other options as well. These include reshaping the breasts, lifting up loose/sagging breasts or reducing the size of the areola etc.

A cosmetic breast augmentation procedure is usually done in a hospital or a cosmetic surgery clinic with the help of general anesthesia that would help the patient relax and sleep throughout the procedure. Following the procedure, the patient would be put on antibiotics and general analgesics to reduce pain and infection until the breasts heal completely.

Common Techniques used in Cosmetic Breast Augmentation

A cosmetic breast augmentation procedure can be carried out in different ways. Given below are some of the more common techniques favored by doctors and cosmetic surgeons.

Underside of the Breast

This is the most common technique for a breast augmentation procedure and would involve the surgeon making a cut beneath the breasts and then placing the implant into the breast through the opening. The technique may cause scars on the breasts that would remain visible for some period of time.

Underside of the Arm

In this technique, the surgeon would make an incision under the arm and insert the implant via this opening. The technique is usually carried out using an endoscope for proper guidance. The resultant scars would be visible on the underarm, leaving your breasts free of any scars or visible marks.

Edge of the Areola

The dark area that surrounds the nipple is said to be the areola. In some cases, the doctor would cut around the edges of the areola and insert the implant into the breast through this opening. This technique is not favored much by doctors though as it could cause issues with breastfeeding. Women who undergo the procedure could also experience side effects like pain and loss of sensation in and around the nipple.

Saline Implant – Belly Button

Common Techniques For Cosmetic Breast Augmentation

The newer techniques involve making a surgical incision near the belly button and then guiding a saline implant (flattened) to the breast area. Upon positioning the implant properly, the doctor would fill it up with saline, thereby giving it proper shape and size.

Choosing the Best Technique

In any type of cosmetic augmentation procedure, the positioning of the implant inside the breast plays an important role in the final outcome of the surgery. In most cases, the doctor would opt to place the implant right after the chest wall muscles or after the breast tissues. While the former technique is called submuscular, the latter is called subglandular.

Choosing the right technique for a breast augmentation procedure is extremely important and would determine a number of factors like how long the pain would last after the surgery, how long it would take for the wound to heal, the final appearance of your breasts, clarity of future mammograms and the risk of potential side effects like leakage or rupture etc. Usually, the doctor would be able to offer the best possible solution after taking into careful consideration (and discussing with the patient) the pros and cons of the specific procedure and its effects on the patient.

Risks Associated with Cosmetic Breast Augmentation

As in the case of any surgical procedure, cosmetic breast augmentation can cause some uncomfortable side effects in women who opt for them. While bleeding and infection are common occurrences in women who undergo breast augmentation, some women may suffer from specific side effects like respiratory issues, allergic reactions (to the medications used), heart problems, pneumonia, loss of sensation (in the nipple area), breastfeeding difficulties, leakage, rippling and implant rupture  etc.

Cosmetic Breast Augmentation can also cause other more visible side effects like thick scars, changes in the size/shape of both breasts, hardened breast tissue, or unevenly positioned nipples etc.

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Important Factors to consider before opting for Cosmetic Breast Augmentation

Cosmetic Breast Augmentation can provide you with perfectly sized and shaped breasts. However, they do come with their own share of risks and complications one needs to think about carefully before opting for the procedure. Here are some essential factors you may want to consider before opting for a cosmetic breast augmentation procedure.

Talk to your Doctor First

Make sure you speak to a qualified doctor or surgeon before opting for the procedure. Discuss about the pros and cons of breast augmentation, and the probability of desired results.

Common Techniques For Cosmetic Breast Augmentation

Also make it a point to discuss in detail about drugs, medications or supplements that you are currently taking, in addition to the treatments you are currently undergoing. The doctor would most likely postpone the procedure to a later date if you are pregnant or trying to conceive.

Pre Operative Care

The doctor would usually take a few Breast X Rays and mammograms to study the breasts in detail before surgery. He/she would also advise you to stop taking medications that would make it hard for the blood to clot in order to facilitate quick healing after the procedure. These would include drugs like aspirin or ibuprofen. You would also be advised to stop smoking and drinking before the surgery.

Post Operative Care

After surgery, the breasts would usually be wrapped in gauze dressings. Some doctors also recommend a surgical bra for patients who undergo breast augmentation surgeries. A few drainage tubes would be attached to the breasts for a few days after the surgery in order to remove excess fluids that may collect in them during the period.

In most cases, the breasts would start to heal properly after a breast augmentation. Regular medications would also ensure quick and effective healing. Doctors would also ask their patients to frequently massage their breasts after the surgery (usually after a week or so). This would release any blood clots or tissues that might cause the area around the implants to harden and become painful.