Breast Swelling

Breast swelling is common in various types of breast diseases. It can be infectious or non-infectious in nature. It is one of the primary responses to any types of changes in breast. Breast swelling can occur due to natural causes like puberty and disease causes like inflammation of nodes or benign tumors.

There are lots of reasons for breast swelling. Let us discuss the common types of breast swelling which affect breasts and cause mild to moderate pain.

Common Types of Breast Swelling

Breast Swelling in Breastfeeding Women

Infection of breasts can cause breast swelling. There are various factors that can cause infection near breast region. Swelling of the breast caused due to infection is commonly seen in breastfeeding women.

Breast Swelling in Breastfeeding Women

The reason for this kind of breast swelling is transfer of bacteria from baby’s mouth into the milk duct. Breastfeeding-related breast swelling usually begins within one to two months of delivery. Early medical care usually helps in abatement of infection in breastfeeding mothers.

Breast Swelling Due To Milk Stasis

Milk stasis is a condition where milk does not fully come out of the breast. In milk stasis, milk is produced in the breast; however, it does not come out of the breast in the quantity that it should normally. One of the primary reasons for breast swelling due to milk stasis is the blockage of milk ducts. The main reason for breast swelling caused due to milk stasis is unknown. However, it is linked with autoimmune response of body.

Breast Swelling With Breast Lumps

Breast lumps are another common cause of breast swelling. This is the reason why women are recommended by physicians to regularly examine breasts for lumps. These lumps can develop into tumors if ignored. In its initial stages, a breast lump may present itself as localized swelling with mild pain.

Breast Swelling with Breast Lumps


The lump can either be a cystic mass or an abscess indicating infection. A breast swelling can also occur as a consequence of adenoma or carcinoma of the breast, both of which are tumors.

Breast Swelling During Puberty

This is a consequence of natural processes that occur in human body. Swelling of the breasts occurs in girls between the ages of 8 and 12. Breast swelling in puberty is localized and is commonly seen behind nipples. Swelling of the breast during puberty is benign in nature. This type of breast swelling usually subsides on its own. It is a precursor to the development of breasts in women and marks the beginning of development of breasts.

Breast Swelling In Fibrocystic Breast Disease

Fibrocystic breast disease is a condition that affects a great majority of women in today’s world. Swelling is caused in this disease condition as a consequence of movable lumps which develop due to fibrocystic changes in the breasts. Breast swelling can be mild to moderate in nature.

Breast Swelling In Fibrocystic Breast Disease


This disease condition is noncancerous; however, swelling of the breasts can cause significant discomfort. Cysts causing breast swelling can be present in more than one location in the breasts.


There are more than 70 reasons for breast swelling in women. Above-discussed conditions which cause breast swelling are the most common ones.

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