Complications Of Breast Reduction Surgery

complications of breast reduction surgery

Breast reduction
is a surgical procedure used for reducing large breasts that can cause aches and pains all over the upper body. They are also done by women who want to create a sleeker silhouette for cosmetic purposes.

Women who undergo breast reduction and those who have just had the surgery might have several apprehensions about the possible complications and the risks associated with the surgery.

It is indeed a good idea to be aware of the possible risks so that you can always be on guard and catch the symptoms early on and nip them at the bud. Aches, pains, swelling and bleeding from the incision are normal for a period of time immediately after the surgery. But beyond that, there are many things that you must watch out for. Below are some complications that can arise after breast reduction.

Lack Of Sensation In The Breast

This is a possible outcome of all breast surgeries. Women always feel a loss of sensation around the nipple and areola and sometimes in the entire breast itself. In most cases, this numbness is due to nerve damage during the surgery and in a few months, the sensations come back. Most surgeons will try and avoid crucial nerves during the surgery. However, in some cases, the nerve damage becomes permanent and you will have no feeling in your breast.

Improper Healing

This is a problem that needs to be assessed before the surgery is undertaken in order to prevent complications. Normally, women who have decreased blood supply to the areas in the breast will be faced with the condition of tissue death due to poor blood supply.

This will result in the death of skin and areas like nipples that have gone through the surgery. Such a case will require a skin graft in order to offer some consolation to the patient and enhance the appearance of her breasts. Women who are smokers and have had exposure to radiation in the chest region are prone to such complications and a doctor will be able to gauge your chances of such complications by looking at your health chart.

Infections After Surgery

Infections can set into any incision and one must be careful to keep the area clean and dry always. Infections can be internal or external and intake of antibiotics during as well as after the surgery is recommended to combat such complications. Sometimes infections can also set in when there is accumulated blood around the incision like a hematoma or bruising. This can even lead to toxic shock syndrome.

Scars After Surgery

Scarring is a natural outcome of all surgical procedures and there is no way to remove them entirely. The amount of scarring depends on your skin type and elasticity of the skin. While some people have thick keloid scars on the incision site, others will have comparatively less obvious scar formations on the breast. Scars can be controlled to a certain extent with proper post surgery care.

Fat Necrosis

Fat necrosis refers to the death of fatty tissue after the surgical procedure. This will lead to lump formations inside the breast which will be very hard to touch. They can be removed through surgery if they are a concern.

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