Concerns About Sex During Pregnancy

Many expecting couples are concerned with the issue of having sex during a pregnancy. Sex is a close bonding between two parties in love and having a baby tops it all. It is hard for both parties to refrain from sex for nine months and miss the bonding between them unless health reasons warrant the abstinence.

There are several questions that constantly pop up in these expecting couples’ minds on this issue which will be addressed here.

Question 1: Will Sex During Pregnancy Harm The Baby?

And the answer is ‘No’ if your pregnancy is normal and low-risk, as the fetus is naturally protected by the thin-walled bag called the amniotic sac with strong muscles all around the womb, together with thick mucus across the cervix. With good health and caution, expecting couples can still enjoy their sexual encounters during the terms of pregnancy.

Question 2: When Is Sex Unsafe During Pregnancy?

When the pregnancy is high risk, such as for a woman with a history of miscarriages, pre-term labor, out-of-the-norm pregnancies like twins or triplets, heavy spotting or discharge, bad cramps, low placenta, amniotic fluid leak or incompetent cervix condition. Hence, the pregnant woman must be alert to any abnormal shows after sexual activities that may indicate danger to her pregnancy.

Question 3: Can The Baby Also Feel The Sexual Activity?

No, the cervix is well protected by the thick mucus so that the penis does not come near the fetus although the baby may be a bit more active after orgasm due to the mother’s increased heartbeat.

Question 4: Can Miscarriage Or Early Birth Happen Due To Sex During Pregnancy?

No, because labor contractions are different from orgasm contractions although abstinence is advised during the final pregnancy weeks to avoid any chemical reaction from the semen on labor contractions. Hence, expecting couples can still enjoy their intimate moments together to bond further.

Question 5: How Will My Sexual Desire Fluctuate During Pregnancy?

It is possible for fluctuations in sex during pregnancy to arise as the body changes in its hormone quantity, but the condition may be stabilized from the 2nd trimester allowing the couple to enjoy their sexual escapades as worries of contraception are reduced. Thus, it is better to exercise care especially during the first semester if you want to still have sex during your pregnancy. Always ensure that your baby is safe and there is little chance of miscarriage.

Question 6: What Are The Better Positions During Pregnancy?

As the belly increases in size with the growing fetus, the expecting woman will feel more of a strain on her back during sexual activity as the growing fetus presses on it restricting her blood circulation. Some preferred positions are lying sideways, lying in the spoon format, in a sitting position on the bed’s edge or going on top of the man.

Alternatively, oral sex can be practiced if the other positions are not favorable, or if you are exercising a monogamous relationship with a non-HIV partner. The expecting couple can experiment and communicate their preferences to enjoy sexual activity in different positions.