Diarrhea And Menstruation

Many women experience diarrhea along with their menstrual flow every month. The additional fluid loss makes women quite weak and feeble and they find it hard to carry on day to day activities smoothly. Since all women do not experience diarrhea and periods together, those who do, they begin to doubt whether everything is well with their bodies or there is something wrong with their reproductive organs.

The good news is that it is quite normal for some women to experience diarrhea during menstrual periods and they need not panic about it. A hormone like compound known as prostaglandin released by uterine lining is responsible for diarrhea but it does not cause any other health complications in a woman’s body.

The Physiology Behind Menstruation And Diarrhea

Just before a woman’s menstruation starts, the lining in the uterus begin to produce a hormone like substance called prostaglandin. Prostaglandin performs several functions in the body including the contraction of uterine muscles for shedding menstrual lining.During menstrual periods, the cell lining breaks resulting in release of large amounts of prostaglandin. In some women, their bodies make more prostaglandin than required causing quite strong and frequent uterine contractions leading to severe cramps and pain in abdomen.

Physiology Behind Menstruation And Diarrhea

Excess amounts of prostaglandin are carried away by blood to other body parts. Once prostaglandin reach to the large intestine, which is lined up with a smooth muscle like uterus, causing them to contract more frequently and strongly and compelling them to expel their contents frequently.The high levels of this compound are also responsible for other inconvenient symptoms like vomiting, nausea, headache, etc. Typically women experience diarrhea during first three day of their periods.

How To Get Relief From These Symptoms?

Though you can not totally avert it but there are some lifestyle changes which can help you get relief from this problem.

Eating Right Foods

You can relieve yourself of these symptoms by eating those foods which contains elements helpful in relaxing uterus, intestines and other muscles of the body.

Eating Right Foods

Liblenic and linolenic acids are two such elements which help in relaxing body muscles. They are abundantly found in fish and vegetables. Consuming a diet rich in fish, vegetables and in general a nutritious diet devoid of refined flours, sugars, salt and caffeine can help you in getting relief.

Take Adequate Rest

Since diarrhea makes you weak and uncomfortable, taking rest helps. We are not saying that you stop all activities of the day but avoid strenuous activities and continue with light chores. Take rest when you feel stomach churning and relax yourself.

Take Adequate Rest


Exercising helps in reliving symptoms of pain and keeps you fresh. Try to do some simple exercises which do not cause unnecessary strain on your physique.


A simple exercise like walking will go a long way in keeping you fit. Moderate exercises will help in reliving the stress and help in efficient functioning of digestive system.

Relaxation Techniques

Yoga and meditation are some relaxation techniques which can keep you calm and focused during your periods. However, perform yoga under the supervision of an expert who can guide you about the asanas which can be done during periods.

Yoga and meditation


Taking medication like ibuprofen which helps in reducing the swelling caused by diarrhea and menstruation will also help in alleviating the pain and discomfort.Though quite uncomfortable, but diarrhea during menstrual periods is a common phenomenon and does not cause any long term harm.


Do not worry if you experience diarrhea every time you menstruate. Take rest and consume adequate amount of fluids and eat good diet for a healthy and active life ahead.