Connection Between High Blood Pressure And High Cholesterol

Connection Between High Blood Pressure And High Cholesterol

Connection Between High Blood Pressure And High Cholesterol The connectivity between high blood pressure and high cholesterol has been raising concerns in medical circles as well as in the minds of those suffering from the same. As the rate of heart diseases and other cardiac problems increase worldwide, it is becoming all the more important to have proper knowledge about their relationship and effect on the heart.

High Blood Pressure

An increase in blood pressure is generally attributed to higher levels of blood volume, increase in the rate of arterial resistance and enhanced cardiac output. This increased pressure of blood influences the heart and its circulatory organs to work overtime and pump the blood into other regions of the body. The heart muscles weaken over time due to the prolonged pressure and strain caused on them by this increase in blood pressure leading to strokes and increased risks of attacks.

High Cholesterol Levels

The presence of excessive levels of lipids and cholesterol in the blood stream leads to high cholesterol readings. Platelets, along with cholesterol, are the main components of blood clot. Patients suffering from high cholesterol levels are at an increased risk of being diagnosed for blood clot in their circulatory system.

These clots occlude the flow of blood in the veins and arteries and disrupt the proper functions of the entire cardio vascular system. Poor flow of blood in the brain and other vital organs of the body lead to the diagnosis of other serious conditions and diseases.

The Connection Between High Blood Pressure and High Cholesterol

Long periods of high blood pressure cause irreversible damage to the inner linings and surface of the walls of the arteries and other blood vessels. This damage in turn leads to the accumulation of cholesterol and lipids in the form of clots and platelets, within the blood carriers and arteries. As the normal flow of blood starts getting effected, the arteries which are connected to the heart provide lesser oxygen and blood to the same. This deficiency of healthy blood flow can cause heart attacks or angina in patients.

Connection Between High Blood Pressure And High Cholesterol


In certain cases the clots formed in the arteries can dislodge themselves from the lining and occlude the flow of blood in the thinner and smaller blood vessels which are present downstream. If the condition takes place in the vessels which supply blood to the nervous system, the patient stands a higher risk of being diagnosed for ischemic strokes. High pressure of the blood and increased blood flow may also lead to the bursting of blood vessels located within the brain. This causes hemorrhagic stroke, which may prove to be fatal.

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The Way Forward

According to recent reports published by the American Heart Association, most diseases effecting mankind are connected with common issues of the heart and poor cardiovascular conditions. The development of problems in the heart is in turn related in a major way with high levels of blood pressure and cholesterol.

However, the risks of suffering from the first heart attack or stroke can be reduced through prescription drugs and medications necessary to keep the cholesterol and blood pressure levels under control. With so much at stake, an early awareness regarding the problems connected with high blood pressure and cholesterol levels goes a long way in timely intervention and medical treatment.

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