Cure And Treatment For Cervical Cancer

cervical cancer

Cervix is the opening or mouth of Uterus and located at the end of the vaginal tract. The cervical cancer is mostly caused by a virus called human papillomavirus (HPV.) It is known to cause cancer in 70% of the cases. It spreads like any other sexually transmitted disease through unprotected sex. Women suffering from HIV, heavy smokers, around 35 years of age are more vulnerable to this cancer compared to others.

Also, it is believed that girls who begin their sexual life early i.e. by the age of 15 years also have increased chances of this cancer. Cervical cancer is curable if detected early on. Pap smear test is recommended once in a year for detection. The issue is that in many patients it does not show any symptoms because of which the detection happens only in the advanced stages. Lets us discuss the various treatments and cures available.

Top Cure And Treatment For Cervical Cancer



In this course of treatment, medicines like Cisplatin, Topotecan are either injected or administered orally on the patient. These medicines are meant to spread through the body and kill cancerous cells. Chemotherapy is given in stages as it has severe side effects like hair loss, nausea, loss of appetite and weakness.

Cone Biopsy

Cone biopsy is used more as a detection procedure than a treatment one. But if the cancer has just started to spread, cone biopsy may turn out to be a treatment enough to get rid of the cancerous cells. In this procedure the cervical cells are removed in a conical shape, therefore the name cone biopsy. If the spread of cancer is very limited then this way of tissue removal can be used to take out all the cancerous cells existing in the cervix.

Radiation Therapy

Under this therapy the cancerous cells are destroyed through radiations. These radiations are highly concentrated and strong X-rays. This may be an external or internal procedure. In case where uterus is preserved the radioactive material is inserted inside to kill the cells. The internal radiation therapy is called brachytherapy.

Radiation Therapy

This treatment also has strong side effects since the rays cannot differentiate between healthy and cancerous cells thereby damaging all kinds. Radiation therapy is also given in combination with chemotherapy.


If detected in the early to mid stages, uterus is removed along with the cervix. However, if the cancer has advanced then lymph nodes are also taken out.

Radical Hysterectomy


However, hysterectomy leads to inability to bear children completely. Hysterectomy may also be combined with radiation and chemotherapy where cancer is wide spread.

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Radical Trachelectomy

This procedure is preferred by women who are young and do not have children because unlike hysterectomy, this procedure can help preserve the fertility of a woman. There is no removal of uterus and ovaries, only the cancerous cells are removed. It can be done through vagina or by operating on abdomen.

Radical Trachelectomy


However, the use of this procedure depends on the extent of spread of cancer in the cervix.All the treatments and cures for cancer have a lot of side effects. Good nutrition and emotional health can ensure speedy recovery. There is also danger of relapse i.e. cancer spreading again. Continuous monitoring is required post the therapies to ensure an early detection.

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