Cure Your Toothache With 7 Natural Methods


An ache in the tooth can be caused when you have a decaying tooth, infection of the gums or even due to sensitive teeth which will have exposed nerves.

Toothache can be very severe and can leave you completely exhausted and helpless, especially if it surfaces during the night which is not uncommon.

Most of us who get toothache realise that we have not been very good with maintenance of our teeth and sometimes the damage is permanent and the tooth has to be removed to prevent spread of infection. There are certain home remedies that can help you in treating toothache at home. It is good to keep them handy instead of looking for the dentist’s phone number in the middle of the night.

Home Remedies To Cure Toothache

1. Garlic

Garlic is available in all kitchens and hence a quick remedy for all. The antibacterial properties of garlic will destroy the bacteria that are causing the decay and pain.


Take a clove and crush it slightly before placing it on the area of pain. Leave it there until the allicin in garlic starts its destruction and finally remove the pain and bacterial action.

2. Onions

Though not as strong as garlic, onions too are good for treating toothache.  Slice an onion and squeeze it gently. Place it on the tooth or gum which is decayed and is causing the pain.


Continue placing fresh onions when you feel that the juice has lost the strength. Chew a slice of onion every day morning to bust the germs from your mouth and prevent toothache.

3. Lime

Biting on a lime is a simple remedy for toothache that our grandmothers and mothers are very familiar with.


The vitamin C present in lime juice prevents tooth decay and dental cries. Being astringent in nature, lime also kills bacteria inside the mouth.

4. Asafoetida


Take some asafoetida and fry it in a pan along with some clarified butter. You can also mix it with lime juice and place on the decayed tooth or gum to have the same or a better effect. Continue application as often as required and until the toothache is completely gone.

5. Cloves

Cloves have an antibacterial effect and hence placing a crushed clove on the decayed area of the mouth will help in destroying the bacteria and preventing further damage to the teeth.


Alternately, use clove oil to smear on the gums and the decayed tooth and leave it on. Reapply every one hour or so and your B.

6. Salt And Pepper

A simple homely remedy, just add some ground pepper to salt and place it on the gum or the tooth which is causing the pain.

Salt And Pepper

Pepper is also a treatment method used for halitosis which can be caused due to gum diseases and decaying tooth. The mixture can be applied as often as required and soon the decaying will be stopped and the pain too will be relieved.

7. Ice

Applying ice too is a good remedy for toothache. Ice will numb the area of decay and offer some relief.


However, it is a temporary solution and you must consult a doctor soon before the pain becomes unmanageable. Make sure that you do not place ice cubes if the pain is due to sensitivity.